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Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo

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The problem of the succession of stopping delicate era. When not having children men. , Augusto began to look for its replacement in its Marcelo nephew. In the husband of its daughter, agripa, in his hijastro, druso, and in its nephews, pike and key.

But all died before time. They observe something that has forgotten for want of wisdom and intellectual conformism and you see to it because the thinkers do not understand the wisdom. since clumsily they confuse the wisdom with the knowledge. Scrates speaking with the understood ones of old Greece, exposed to them spiritually because the man looks for to be eternal physics and. Since the man tends to remain and not to disappear. Something similar treatment to make Augusto when wanting conserve the power through theirs. 2008 Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo The major of all the disciples of Scrates, Plato .expone the doctrine of its teacher and confirms what we come saying in the following words. ” because it is the generation the one that perpetual the family of the animated beings and gives the immortality him that allows the mortal nature.

Then according to which already we have agreed, it is necessary to unite to the desire of good the desire of immortality, since the love consists of aspiring to that the good thing always belongs to us. Of it follows here that immortality is also object of amor” . (of the banquet or the erotic one) Marcelo died in the 23 AC; Agripa in the 12 AC, Druso in the 9 AC, and pike and key, even young did, it in the 2 and 4 AC, respectively. It did not have but remedy that to prepare in its succession to Tiberio, brother of druso.

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