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DBM Spain

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Many organizations nowadays have turned the work into a routine and to its employees into civil servants, avoiding who are beings with a creative high potential, able to contribute to infinity of ideas for the sprouting and advance of the company. Now, many of the industralists realize that is necessary to make a change, a strategic renovation and that it is hour to leave back the past because he is vitally important to select the future that it is desired, choosing to choose the course adapted to the needs that are had, to the information that are obtained and the pertaining little resources. We speak of theory? We speak of how generating a client experience? No, DBM Spain, company leader in transformation and management of human equipment, speak of a present reality. Who innovation nonspeech? Who does not say that it is going to innovate? Many are those that make an improvement continuous, more of the same but better. Few are those that are really sent to do it. This innovation can be of two ways: first it is looking for a jump in technology that changes the market in the long term. Second it is to innovate from which it evaluates the client.

First it gives long term results, second, obtains improvements of immediate results. A Spanish company of insurances was sent to obtain this last one with DBM. And it decided to know first what was what his client thought. But not only what thought, but something far better: what lived. and when changing its perspective and stopping seeing the life from its internal processes, realized of which a client of insurances is only related to his company when they sell to him or when she has an accident. That is to say, it is only related at negative moments for him. If with your pair you only speak to discuss, what ends up happening? That you break.