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Kilo Phase

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Second phase: In this phase the establishment of silkworms, are planned taking into Note that the life cycle of the species Bombyx Mori lasts 50 days prior to reach harvest, for which it has planned to buy and import 29 sheets of 110 eggs of Bombyx Mori, hoping thereby obtain 11000 worms to produce approximately 1 ton of silk in the rough. From the first harvest is expected to maintain and increase this number. Third phase: This is a phase aimed at a possible growth after the development and performance of the company. He is expected to grow from the fifth year. VII.

conclusions after developing production costs and compare with the potential revenue by gross production, came to determine production costs amounted to a value of 77% in the first year. We observed that the values of freight are responsible for rising costs. The market currently sets a value per kilo between$ 1 and $2. Our cost of production per Kilo of silk in gross amounts to $ 13dolares. Which is entailed to determine this project as not viable.

VIII. recommendations as recommendation we can establish that it is feasible to change activity, because the production costs are high in this country and can not be compared with other producing countries. Another possibility in case of persisting in this activity is trying to get support from any company or entity related or dedicated to this activity and who is willing to invest capital in this country. IX. annexes: table 1. Table of investments carried out on the farm.