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Kilo Phase

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Second phase: In this phase the establishment of silkworms, are planned taking into Note that the life cycle of the species Bombyx Mori lasts 50 days prior to reach harvest, for which it has planned to buy and import 29 sheets of 110 eggs of Bombyx Mori, hoping thereby obtain 11000 worms to produce approximately 1 ton of silk in the rough. From the first harvest is expected to maintain and increase this number. Third phase: This is a phase aimed at a possible growth after the development and performance of the company. He is expected to grow from the fifth year. VII.

conclusions after developing production costs and compare with the potential revenue by gross production, came to determine production costs amounted to a value of 77% in the first year. We observed that the values of freight are responsible for rising costs. The market currently sets a value per kilo between$ 1 and $2. Our cost of production per Kilo of silk in gross amounts to $ 13dolares. Which is entailed to determine this project as not viable.

VIII. recommendations as recommendation we can establish that it is feasible to change activity, because the production costs are high in this country and can not be compared with other producing countries. Another possibility in case of persisting in this activity is trying to get support from any company or entity related or dedicated to this activity and who is willing to invest capital in this country. IX. annexes: table 1. Table of investments carried out on the farm.


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‘ The final cause, purpose or design of men (who naturally love liberty, and dominion over others) to introduce this restriction on themselves (in which we see them live forming States) is caring for its own conservation and, in addition the achievement of a more harmonious life the only way to erect such common, power capable of defending against the invasion of aliens and alien insultsmaking them so that by its own activity and the fruits of the Earth to nourish themselves and live happy, is to confer all his power and strength to a man or to an Assembly of men, all of which by a plurality of votes, can reduce their wills to a will. That is to say: choose a man or an Assembly of men that represent your personality and that each consider as their own and recognise himself as the author of anything you do or promote who represents his person, in those things which concern the peace and common security; that you also submit their wills each to the will of him, and his judgments to his trial. This is something more than consent, or Concord: is a real unit all in one and the same person, instituted by Covenant of every man with others in a way as if I said to all: I authorize or transfer my right of governing myself, with the condition that you transferireis to your right and autorizareis all their actions in the same way to this man or Assembly of men. This is done, the crowd so unique in a person is called State, in latin, Civitas. As the right to represent the person of all is granted who all are sovereign only by Covenant of one to another, and not of the sovereign in each of them, there can be no breach of Covenant by the sovereign, and consequently none of his subjects, in an infringement, can be released from their submission as each minion is, by virtue of that institution, author of all acts and judgments of the established sovereign, is that anything that the sovereign cannot constitute slander for none of his subjects, nor should be accused of injustice by none of them 3 is the transcript why that biographers of the author demonstrate his strong tendency towards absolutism, have however laid the political foundations of bourgeois society and the authority.

Gypsy Tarot

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The history of the gypsy tarot goes back at the beginning of century IX, when the original gypsy tribes of Egypt and the north of India began to practice it. Nevertheless, the origin of these letters to the gypsy town, but to the located societies in center of Europe could not be attributed it, more specifically in Rumania, France and Italy. It was exactly that western influence the one that contributed knowledge on mystical and spiritual aspects. With many similarities with the one of Marseilles, although with certain adjustment of each of its figures, the gypsy tarot was born. Following the line of other letters of tarot, the gypsy tarot is a deck with 78 figures, where 22 correspond to Arcane Majors and 56 to Arcane Minors.

Coarse golds, Glasses, Swords and are the different woods in that the Arcane Minors are classified. Each of these woods counts on 14 letters and as much represents a particular perspective of the physical aspect as of the psychic one. The reading of letters of gypsy tarot, in the increasing order in which they appear the 22 arcane majors when being realised the distance, it speaks of the time considered for the fulfillment of the realised auguries. That’s why the consulting one turns out essential to know which are the figures that foretell changes in the short term. Perhaps Death is more feared and well-known, when, in fact, it can talk about to deep changes in the life of that consults, not necessarily related to a decease proper. On the other hand, the Wheel of the Fortune symbolizes the forces of Destino during the cycle of the life.

The imminent changes announced by this letter can be interpreted like bumps experienced during our existence. Like in a wheel, these ascents and slopes are inevitable, but that does not clear that we pruned to face them and to leave windy. The Tower and the Crazy person bring similar messages, in a certain sense. It speaks first us on the necessity to adapt us to the changes and to eliminate the detrimental elements on which we have based our experiences. The Crazy person warns to us of the risks of introducing changes in our lives without thinking it too much. Perhaps we must hope a little while more propitious to realise them. The gypsy tarot us it marks to a way, communicating to us with great wisdom those messages that the universe sends to us permanently. The cosmic and natural equilibrium of forces has great influence in each of us and is by means of the gypsy tarot that we can better find the footpath towards a life.

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