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Important Tips

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According to the recommendations of the European consumer centre and other associations of consumers as the OCU is easy to lose the fear to buy on the Internet. At first we should know to make purchases over the Internet we have many assurances, really as consumers have recognized the same rights and duties as if we were buying in a common store. So the keys that must guide us, as when we buy in any establishment, prudence, tranquillity, the caution and information on purchasing conditions. 1 Dedicate time. Time dedicated to the purchase that you do, prudence guides always a good buy.

It is not good to buy a product on the first website you see, it is better to take one look at others and compare prices and conditions. 2 Intuition. More than intuition, common sense. No one gives nothing, neither online nor in the street. So if something is priced too low to be true, beware. 3. The site. Don’t trust companies that have no physical address or only provide a number mobile phone for contact.

If there is a physical address tries to verify it, check on a street if it really exists. It also notes if the site contains spelling errors, if it is a new or unfamiliar, business if there is something on the web or in advertising which you seem overly suspicious or if nobody answers the phone. 4. Foreign websites. He pays double the attention when it comes from a web site from another country, since the existing legislation regarding privacy policy or commercial transactions may be different. If there is a problem and it is a Member State of the EU can ask for information at the European consumer centre, but put yourself in contact with the Embassy of the country concerned. 5 Security. To know if a site is safe to observe navigation bar, a secure website is one that carries the letters.

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