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on sale etc We are going well but we want to double our sales what we can do is take and send to print brochures like crazy and trying to distribute them as soon as possible and forget about promoting our business, because we’ve already done the homework! these things happen we have lived with customers who call us in the morning desperate to distribute your advertising in the afternoon. . !! You have to plan everything – although in the case of a small business – advise us before you take the first step, there are companies that offer this service for free without any commitment as – Superbuzoneo – thinking in design, size and format of prospectuses, also you can find many professionals searching on Google online graphic arts companies or in yellow pages of your city. Once elaborated creative design that we like, we have to add the advertising message in the brochure, it has to be simple, brief and eye-catching, avoiding messages as we are leaders, the best. . Etc plenty technical information, advertising enganosaetc. Never promise anything that we cannot cumplirNUNCA in the moment that you have made the pamphlet, ready to send to print, begins to contact professional mailing companies to carry out the theme of the cast depending on the amount the printers take between 2 to 15 days to deliver you the printed brochures. Decide the areas, days of cast, compare budgets, using common sense to opt for a company or another.

Never use tariffs as the only factor to choose the company should know that each company has its working system from planning to control, allocation, monitoring and reporting standards. Tariffs usually depend on general characteristics of the brochure (size, format, weight… etc), cast (blocks of houses or villas) zone, here is where comes the importance of supporting standards, already a company that let 100% in the case of the basket of advertising brochures and doorman will have rate lower than a company that leaves 3 to 5 brochures.

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About traditional advertising as first instance, TV commercials, warnings on radio and poster campaigns are usually very expensive. This is undoubtedly the best way to launch a business, but costs are prohibitive. A notice of entire page in one of the most important magazines may cost up to 50,000 pesos. TV commercials are even more expensive; and if the trade is passed during a popular television program, the cost can be enormous. The advertising-online so, if not have the enough money for traditional advertising, you will agree leaning by the marketing on-line.

It is not a bad thing. On some occasions, advertising off-line (i.e., radio, TV, print notices) is not effective. Internet marketing is cheaper and if it is done correctly, can give back much more to your investment. Obviously the cornerstone of Internet marketing is the high and search engine optimization. The high in search engines there are hundreds of search engines and directories on the Internet where you can register your site Web manually. This is very easy to do. There are literally ci-ENTs of these services of high in search engines; You can find them by searching on Google. However, be cautious with those services that claim to be able to register your site in 75,000 search engines.

It’s scams, and give high place on pages of fake links that can actually make your site be banned by search engines. The most simple and economical way to register a site is included in the lists of a site that has good ranking. Search engine optimization now that we have already dealt with the issue of discharge in finders, need to talk about the optimization for search engines (SEO, for its acronym in English), which is even more important. To optimize a site, you need to maximize the density of keywords and optimize the placement of the words and phrases that best characterize the matter that comes to your site, and need to use proper meta-tags so that search engines can interpret your web pages.

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I believe that: the practice of reading opens up the mind, gives you knowledge, clarifies you thoughts, clear you doubts and so get valid ideas. Everything that you happen to know if you are looking for it, what will you find in books. The truth is that it seems that adolescents, like increasingly less read. At least it is what some polls say. Primarily consume large amount of hours in front of the TV, which as it is known, does not give you virtually anything that can be real useful. If you’re going to be a true entrepreneur reading theme is primary for you because you will have to perform an investigative task that is fundamental and the basis of everything. But here’s the good news: if it’s read more this, has been favoured in great shape today, obviously, over the internet.

So without realizing or without intending it, enter assiduously to the network to find information, does that with practice you make you in a novel reader, and at the same time an apprentice to a specific topic. And this is very good. Be very well that internet time is a tyrant, well to the pace of life on all sides, but on the web, seems that someone sits on the clock hands and makes them turn to a tremendous speed. Time disappears in a surprising way. What I intend to tell you, dear entrepreneur that you are looking for your business online, is that you try to obtain something nutritious, hearty, in every speech you make against your PC.

Either you can play, chat, answering mail, but also some time devote is it full to learn, investigate and store the information that you collect. You should start to expand your own stock of information.Possess it will give you some peace of mind, you’ll gradually feeling more confident, more secure, faced with the huge task that awaits you if you want to route your virtual business. Finally: Information for your business or entrepreneurship is getting slowly, as it should be, you should look for it, investigate and go accumulates, and this task you should do it with responsibility and balance knowing that the success of your enterprise depends on very few things: information, patience, persistence and as always I say, fundamentally de vos. New knowledge, new skills, new ways of look at the world kept growing to the mind and body; While so, natural of every second being new tendency is expressed. D. Chopra lots of luck. Eduardo Blanco original author and source of the article

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