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Solar Purchase Extends Range

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Offering approximately to the photovoltaic system range further optimised inverters and photovoltaic mounting systems of our own brand luxra with new design and improved functionality FRANKFURT, July 2013 SOLAR purchase, the photovoltaic brand of Saint-Gobain building distribution Germany GmbH (SGBDD). Just in time for the Intersolar Europe 2013 complete photovoltaic solutions introduces luxra new inverter and mounting systems of our own brand. More power with the new luxra inverters of class SK-L is x 0 with luxra SK-L 3.0 series since spring 2013 the first string inverters of the new SK-L x 0 available. He is the smallest inverter in its class with a maximum photovoltaic power of 4.3 kW. The functions: The particularly robust and integrated DC circuit breaker is now on the side, to simplify the installation and to avoid any damage here. The integrated switching contact offers a real added value to listen for the own consumption and power control.

The signals of the ripple control receiver can directly in the Inverter, read which eliminates the need of the purchase of expensive external components. The inverter is equipped with an integrated package of communication: a datalogger, a Web server, and all common interface options for system monitoring. The luxra KS-L works more efficiently than its immediate predecessor 3.0 inverter with a maximum degree of efficiency of 96,2%. In addition to the many new capabilities it presents itself in a new, more modern and at the same time more functional design. The smallest inverter of the SK-L x 0 series features a MPP Tracker. The larger series models, which will soon be available with purchase of SOLAR, some feature up to three independent MPP Tracker. This is prerequisite for optimal, high-performance operation for changing lighting conditions or complex connection situations as a result of roof areas with many tags. As a systems integrator, it is our claim with trend-setting products on the cutting edge of photovoltaic technology our customers from the To the general contractor in the project business to supply house owner”, Jens Christian Becker, team leader product management established photovoltaic of SGBDD, the range extension.

Assembly Line Production In Vacuum

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A special challenge for the Eschbacher engineers was an assembly-line production under vacuum with 10-6 mbar. It was necessary to integrate a fully automated Assembly of sandwich a beam with a precision slide and a rear counterpart into the production run. This must 1 m large foil with an accuracy of +/-20 m to the vehicle will be positioned. Because the position of the wearer vary, came only a positioning system with six degrees of freedom for the Assembly, which could not take more than 10 seconds, question. For the desired procedures by 50 mm in loading direction and 20 mm across it, a SpaceFab from Eschbach is recommended due to its low construction height. The system developed for this case can move without another load of 100 kg arm vibration, fast and very accurate.

A sophisticated combination of mechanics, pitch and high-resolution encoder provides the key. Developed to deliver the necessary dynamism also specifically for this application three-phase servomotors. Also a vacuum suitable for holding brake was redesigned as the solutions available on the market in terms of material properties and loss services not meet the requirements of this application. For the software to control the sandwich Assembly as well as the integration of the readings from sensors and cameras took over PI miCos the responsibility as well as for the monitoring of the gripper magnets. Thus, the medium-sized businesses proved that it quite projects is up to the requirements for complex multidisciplinary high-tech. The miCos GmbH was founded in 1990 in Eschbach in Freiburg and belongs today as PI miCos physics instruments (PI) to the powerful group of the Karlsruhe-based company. With over 50 employees, develops, manufactures, and distributes the Brisgavi companies worldwide innovative systems and components for high-precision positioning applications.

The optical measurement technology is a focus in research and industry. Offers for this PI miCos in addition to an extensive Standard range customer-specific system solutions with multiple axes of. A broad application know-how is the guarantor for the implementation of technically demanding solutions. Flexible positioning systems for ultra-high vacuum applications provide this as an example of how parallel kinematic hexapods with six degrees of freedom with linear motors and air bearings. Contact: Nicole Buselmeier sales & support PI miCos GmbH Freiburger Strasse 30 79427 Eschbach phone + 49 7634 50 57 – 233 fax + 49 7634 50 57 – 393 Kathrin Mossinger marketing consultant market & physics instruments (PI) GmbH & co. KG on Romerstrasse 1 76228 Karlsruhe phone + 49 721 48 46-1810 fax + 49 721 48 46 1019