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Photo Fun

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In modern life photos occupy a worthy place in the lives of everyone on the planet. Thanks to advanced computer technology and the availability of photo-cameras in mobile devices, are widely available to photograph literally whatever time span his real life. Today, in order to create high-quality and beautiful photographs of special relevant knowledge is not required. An important method need only the existence of intelligent computer equipment, as well as a bit of experience. Along with this, the value of whatever photos underestimate is unlikely to succeed. Because in fact, absolutely any picture, for many of us, it's not just a fragment of the photo-paper specific information, as it was originally an event in their lives each of us.

Directly which is likely the second time absolutely never in the right match is not repeated. A means that any desired picture itself by itself rightfully unique, and because of this save photos, naturally as possible, it is worth everything. At the same time, it should be placed in its own archive of photos, even those clearly that, in your opinion, the opinion clearly does not come out. For example, turned in the most opportune moment not, or else closed their eyes. The above should commit to the fact that in general, even the most unfortunate photograph it is easy to make a unique and mysterious in its own way.

Actually not to breathe in a photograph a new life, handy personal computer, special software and own imagination. Bearing in general, all of this, it can be made from such photos, and more precisely loaded into a computer file containing the photograph, very good collage. For specific software should be treated the universal program from photoshop. However, we should say that This program is designed strictly for professionals, so enjoy it without a clear knowledge of right and besides, and job skills, did not fully succeed. In addition, this program is offered strictly as fee, but all sorts of free versions of the same or cracked, of course, that in addition to defects and wasted hours, no other user of the computer, clearly will not do. However, if directly there are hunting a couple months of training, and not much money to buy any program, it is possible to choose such a path with his own hands to create funny, made at a professional level, all sorts of photo fun. For example for those who clearly did not want to part with your photos and try to modify them, but there is no money to buy the program or the time to study, is available a more simple way breathe new life into the picture. Actually it takes only a personal computer and the entrance to the World Wide Web Internet. Currently, the global network, organized special portals on owning, using production provides templates, easily elementary but other than that and the incredibly fast change in principle, any photo, and definitely for the better. Actually thanks to such Web sites, not having a shoulders, impressive experience, we can not work in reality for a few minutes to make a successful Funny directly to the result after all this, it is possible to save on your own computer, or else to send to your friends. Provides the number of templates, naturally would, when a desire, re-register any found in a photograph, or just what some one picture every day to make out a new way.

How Far Away Stars

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Even in ancient times, people thought the star fixed. In fact, the stars are constantly moving. Here is the constellation Ursa Major. What kind of shape to form seven stars two thousand years ago, this is it, and now, this will remain for another For several thousand years. Star with great speed rush in space, but we do not notice their movements, as the star away from us at great distances. For centuries, astronomers have tried to find out how far away the stars, and could not do it. In 1837, the director of the Pulkovo Observatory, which is near Leningrad, Struve was able to determine the distance from the star Vega to Earth. It turned out that this star approximately 1.7 million times farther from us than the Sun! Later, scientists determined the distance to the many other stars.

Nearest star, astronomers have called Proxima, in Latin it means "immediate." Let us calculate how soon you can to get to Proxima. And on you go? Imagine a fantastic car mire. Prior to Proxima paved track, and the first passenger train waits for a signal to leave. We're out of breath, runs up to the checkout. -Is Tickets to Proxima? -Please – calmly replied the cashier. -Two tickets! -Pay the money. -How much? -It is estimated – says the cashier. So far as the way, the price has been established: one ruble per million, kilometers -This is just a gift! – Happily surprised us.

-Wait a bit! – Smiling cashier .- Thus, a ruble for one million miles. It is 150 rubles for the astronomical unit. A to Proxima 260,000 astronomical units. Means with you on thirty-nine million rubles. We from the ticket office in fright. -And how long will the train go? -It is calculated and it is – it soothes us to the cashier. We ship express a rate three hundred kilometers per hour. Path of the Sun took to fifty-eight years, and until Proxima – a hundred thousand times more Fifteen million years can reach targets, comrades! -Stations along the road be? -Hardly Do any comet will fall. We are embarrassed from the cashier. -On another occasion, let us visit when it is more free The cashier looked after us with sadness. -It can be seen not take flight. All passengers escape It turns out, train for interstellar travel – absolutely the wrong thing. We are reminded of the rocket. However, even a rocket will fly sixty-two thousand five hundred years. So far from us the stars! Light with tremendous speed, three hundred thousand kilometers per second, rushing from Proxima to us more than four thousand years. And there are stars, which are immeasurably more. Immensely large universe! And almost impossible to represent vit imagine how far away the nearest star.