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School Activities

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The pertaining to school activities and the action of the professors look for to homogeneizar the pupils, canalizing the individual differences for standardized forms of evaluation. As what he values yourself are the linguistic and lgicomatemticas abilities, the pupil that have aptitudes for these areas is friction of ' ' better. For Gardner, this preconception if originates from a unidimensional vision of intelligence. Moreover, for the author, the superendowed idea of is different of the one that usually we adopt. For it, an individual is superendowed in a specific area. In this line, Picasso, Einstein and Pel equally are superendowed Testismo: directly it is associated with the evaluation processes (tests) and involves the assumption of that everything what it has value can be evaluated by means of tests ' ' objetivos' '. The tests in the school or are of it are almost always associates to ' ' measure of inteligncia' ' , characterizing intelligence as a largeness that can be measured.

Gardner identified seven ' ' inteligncias' ' in each person or, said of another form, intelligence is composed for a specter of seven abilities, all with the same dimension and importance: linguistics, interpersonal, intrapessoal, musical, space and corporal logical-mathematics. The more or less refined development of these abilities depends on an educational organization that helps the child to reach its maximum potential in each one of them. For this, a variety is necessary of disciplines and activities, all of equal importance. In a plural society, the school has the basic paper to take care of to the individual and specific necessities of the pupils, articulating the pedagogical proposals to the demands of academic formation.

Marketing Activities

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The manufacturer of cloud based payment solutions required Wytze Rijkmans as Executive Vice President of sales & marketing. As new Executive Vice President of sales & marketing of Treasury intelligence solutions is Wytze R.H.. Rijkmans responsible for the development and expansion of international sales and marketing strategy of the company. The 51 Rijkmans has over 25 years experience in the construction and expansion of sales and marketing activities for international companies from the IT, SaS, and cloud industry. Previously was Rijkmanns Vice President Central Europe at CA technologies and Managing Director of HP software & solutions and mercury, where he also served as a member of the Executive Board. The TIS solutions streamline the financial management of medium and large enterprises and assist in the handling of many national or international bank connections.

In contrast to other products, the TIS solutions are purely Web-based software as a service “-applications.” TIS has a unique selling point here and already offers now the world’s leading ERP integrated cloud platform for payment transactions”, Wytze Rijkmans says. Also new at the TIS both formerly of the software provider SunGard worked, and Marketing Director are Gerald Spaller Junghans, as Vice President Sales roof and Giancarlo Laudini as Vice President presales, Heidi previously held responsible positions at SAP and Roche Diagnostics. The such enhanced sales and marketing team will further expand the TIS in the near future. Jorg Wiemer, managing partner of TIS and former head of global Treasury of SAP AG: I am very pleased to see successfully grow the TIS. This even more customers will benefit from significantly lower cost payment and can increase our solutions the visibility and control of liquidity and cash flows.”

Mecklenburg Activities

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Common experiences strengthen the group, bring fun and fostering a social interaction. You must wander in the distance, not necessarily to experience exciting as class community. Class trips to fun, strengthen the cohesion of the students and at the same time interdisciplinary knowledge. For even more opinions, read materials from Kaihan Krippendorff . To learn for life and not just for the school. On shared drives is more time for talks; new, much more practical knowledge can be conveyed through extracurricular experiences and social services.

On class trips, students can meet strengths and weaknesses of others and often to promote a better relationship among the students and the teachers, too. It is not important, how many miles the group by place of residence is also within Germany there are numerous ways to spend fun and adventurous days as class community. Stays in traditional schools, are particularly popular which is often in natural environment are. They offer different profiles depending on the location, area and facilities. Often, it offered a range of recreational activities at fair prices. The advantage of a ride within one’s own country is to learn more about the home and short commutes. Stays in schools, where nature can already offer a varied and exciting field of experience offers the possibility to get to know the region and its landscape, culture and the people.

The curiosity for different natural spaces is awakened it by common experience and Experimentrieren. While the sports factor if necessary not neglected in everyday school is often not enough room for adequate exercise? Archery, canoeing or football, Lake or in the mountains, in the city or in the country – the objectives and activities are often as varied as the offers. Thus, it can quickly transform itself into adventure rides the student travel. Many of the offered sports and leisure activities These days often a first for many students represent unless raft building, archery, or participating in a Geocoaching. There are also themed programs on offer, which conveyed knowledge in a playful way. For example, can students antiquity revive, meet Olympic disciplines of the ancient Greeks or the customs of the ancient Romans. In addition to the sports, trips can go for cultural goals. Many cities, even within Germany, have a long history with many ancient buildings, museums and a diverse cultural offer. So history on the spot can take place and with the students, exciting historical relationships are discovered and discussed. Trips for schoolchildren on the Baltic Sea in the Allgau, the Eifel, in the black forest are especially popular in addition to the classic course ride to Berlin. In the North the experience focuses often on Sun, beach, nature and cruises as well as visits of the Hanseatic cities. School trips are not free on the North and Baltic Sea the eternal flame. Canoeing in Mecklenburg, hiking in the Harz mountains or the Saxon Switzerland, white water rafting in impressive nature there is actually nothing that does not exist. While the most important is that students of a balanced mix of fun and recreational activities offered is and they arrive back home as a team, with an unforgettable experience in the luggage.

INCAE Activities

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Recognized the high mortality rate of innovations, in the fact that few come to materialize in marketable and profitable products for companies, in some countries, mainly in Europe, national and local Governments devote resources to finance risk capital, virtually without expecting higher percentages of recovery of loans by this call them loans repayable. In these cases, the objective is rather to create opportunities to undertake entrepreneurial adventures for young professionals to obtain a strictly economic profitability. Cost management: management and cost accounting, in particular in an SME is another area that receives a very restricted treatment by the owners (managers). Some companies hire the services of accounting with the conception that is a requirement for tax and legal purposes. The backwardness and ignorance of the structures of costs of production and operation of small businesses is one of the reasons why cannot negotiate properly when they are inserted into a production chain as suppliers of customers who generally have sophisticated systems costs. The same weakness exhibits small businesses when they work with a wide range of products and/or clients and do not have an adequate system of costs for pricing. The task of accounting of costs for SMEs is twofold, since on the one hand it must comply with the minimum standards of traditional cost accounting, such as the valuation of inventories, the determination of production times (schemed, conversion, worker, among others), the quantification of overheads, depreciation criteria, the capitalization of the cost of maintenance and other aspects. But on the other hand, also needs to adopt new methodologies that come by imposing in the management accounting as a result of the intensification of competition in the field of cost accounting…

Among these is the application of the system of costing by activities, which allows identifying activities (processes) that need run to develop products and afford such activities (Collins, 1991), which makes it possible to carry out the reengineering of the processes to eliminate those activities that do not add value to the product. As in the case of the management of human resources in the management of costs, rather than create units and allocate resources to the activities of records of information, challenges par SMEs are conceptual and paradigmatic nature. It is used the most appropriate methodology in the everyday practice of operations and not delegate the tasks relating to the topic of in an internal drive or on an external agency costs. To this is added, the absence of a proactive, innovative, managerial leadership trained according to administrative knowledge required by the present. You can also point a great obstacle, the untying of SMEs with the current Government programs, missing opportunities that occur with the new foreign trade policy, which provides the opportunity to enter into new foreign markets. * Source: Rosales Linares, Ramon. Management strategies for the small and medium enterprises.

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