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DocuManager SCHEMA

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Mature quality management increases satisfaction scheme Nuremberg, October 20, 2011. The SCHEMA GmbH has received the documentation of the award this year. With the price, the Association distinguishes tekom good instructions and operating instructions for consumer and capital goods, as well as online support for software products. During a festive opening during the tekom annual Conference, Heidrun Kisch, responsible employee for documentation of SCHEMA GmbH, accepted the award. SCHEMA has gained for the first time the coveted documentation award of tekom. Basically, has high demands on the quality of their products as well as the customer service and employee training scheme and introduced a quality management system in 2005. Since then so the feedback of users increased customer satisfaction continuously and measurably. The XML-based editorial systems of SCHEMA GmbH support customers among others in the creation of user manuals for software products.

That the company knows exactly how a beneficial Online help for a software product should be written and structured, including the help of rich clients to the SCHEMA DocuManager occupies. These scores mainly by a high comprehensibility of the text and clear structure. It provides context-sensitive matching help texts to all functions. To complement the user in the form receives practical instructions from scenarios described. The individual help texts are stored with cross references, with which the user can easily navigate through the comprehensive help. Also included is a comprehensive dictionary that explains important terms and basic concepts relating to the DocuManager.

With the documentation of the award we have received a great award, which shows that we are right with our high quality”, says Stefan Freisler, Managing Director of SCHEMA GmbH. SCHEMA has high demands on the quality of their products, customer service and employee training basically.


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Not so long ago on the Internet published a documentary about how filming the new Russian historical and dramatic film Admiral. Documentary, quite long – 42 minutes, basically presents us with Samples from the set, as well as interviews with the actors that played in the Admiral, in particular, Keira Knightley, Elizabeth Boyar and Sergei Bezrukov, known for their joint participation in Irony of Fate 2. So for those who did not go to the cinema to watch the film The Admiral, may well regard this as a trailer Documentaries, moreover, very long in duration to the trailer. Unfortunately, the positive reviews of the film itself is relatively small, as it turned out, this film – a shortened version of the eponymous television series (approximately, as in the case of the film Border. Taiga romance;). In addition, the image of the hero as presented in film – Admiral Kolchak – a very, very controversial. A cruel and merciless, burning villages in Siberia and Russia squandered the gold here, all these facts are omitted, and Kolchak in the film appears as a romantic hero. But as However, competent publicity stunt gives very good results: 12.8 million (Russia and Ukraine), including 11.3 million – are collected in Russia. And this is just the beginning. As we know, Admiral budget is around 20 million dollars.

Scientific Vision

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The physical and mathematical way of Einstein to see the universe already sufficiently was studied with the theory of relativity, effect electric photo, and others, but it lacked something more. The quantum way of Einstein to see the universe passed unfurnished for some factors, one was that its mathematics involved the material side but can formal be changed for the side quantum spiritual and. A point would be if Einstein was the biggest physical genius and mathematical material of the humanity, imagines if this mathematics also to be used in the quantum form and spiritual, where it could have this transformation. The mathematics of Einstein was of the material side therefore the same alone knew this side, but it can have its change for the side quantum spiritual and. This would place the most complex and accurate mathematics and physics and its calculations of the transformed universe of the material side of the substance for the quantum spiritual and. This would mean that Einstein would be understood in its essence and not only in the limited side material of its science..

Clinics in Spain

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Born a new portal to search for clinics in any village of Spain the new website will facilitate Internet searches of any clinic by location and by category registered in the peninsula. has established itself as an online search engine with all clinics in Spain, categorized according to specialty and location that the user wishes to search. The online platform has a simple and clear design to facilitate access and navigation agile. All with the goal of helping users in the search for clinics. If the user decides to find the clinic closest to your home you can do so thanks to this new website. Among its options, it will be able to consult dentists, clinics fertility or gynecology that best suits what you are looking for at that time. Other features offered by Mundoclinicas is the daily update of news related to the world of health, so that visitors may be daily informed of further developments featured in clinics, medicine and health. A free search engine of clinics serving the patient.

Owner-managed Pharmacies Are The Winner

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Pharmacy Law 2009: Inhabergefuhrte shipping Apotheken are undoubtedly those of the winners who are big losers, and there were not a few who thought it was only a matter of form, that the European Court of Justice overturns the German third-party ownership ban of pharmacies. “You had to painfully determine, that applies also to the Luxembourg Court wisdom: it ain t over till the fat lady sings”. Vice versa but also the followers of owner-managed pharmacy should not make the mistake to weigh in the face of the failure of the chain advocates before the Kadi in security. Because the way the policy remains interested parties, to legalize the minority interests, at least in the long run. Also the traditional Offizin pharmacists can not quite pleasurably sipping his Christmas punch with views of the past year, not managed the Besitzstandswahrern from the State lobby but to clip the unloved drug shipment. Right to the federal legislature by all Boosterism of ABDA settled namely not impress leaving the RX shipping during the 15th amendment to the AMG untouched. On this front too calm is however politically not yet returned, as continued defamation trials show the drug shipment by the usual suspects.

As the winner of the Super pharmacy right year”may look at the owner-operated pharmacies, but their role has been confirmed as a proven member of Pharmadistributionskette from Luxembourg as well as from Berlin. Anyway, this applies to the standard delivery of medicines – the pick up points to go, however, according to the Black Yellow coalition agreement by the scruff of the neck. It remains to be seen however whether these announcements are implemented into practice. Apart from the fact that it is already basically legally disputed whether a pick up ban would be allowed, a ban will be at least not easier the longer the existing ordering and pickup stations establish itself on the market and create vested rights. Otherwise it will remain in 2010 exciting for mail order pharmacies: so is Finally a clarification by the Federal Supreme Court on whether it is prohibited and foreign mail-order pharmacies to subvert the fixed prices for RX or but whether given the previously conflicting jurisprudence on this issue existing discrimination against German mail-order pharmacies will continue.

A long overdue liberalisation is looming for the veterinary medicines: to pressure from Brussels and the Federal Government announced, to allow at least the OTC shipping pets, what will open up a new highly interesting market mail order pharmacies. Reason enough for shipping pharmacists to launch this year with a particularly fine droplets on 2010. Free of charge under JURAVENDIS a law firm that specializes in the health law and health middle areas of media and business law is further information lawyers. The firm advises to their specific regulatory pharmacy among pharmacies, Apothekendienstleister, and the wholesale Issues, for example, on issues of drug shipments, of pharmaceutical price law, the professional right of pharmacies, as well as the remedies. Tobias Boltze (press) health basics GmbH & co. KG Kadam spiral square 3 85598 Baldham T: 08106-37789-11 F: 08106-37789-29 e:

Spanish Multisectorial Association

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They also collaborated on companies like Internalia, ANEI, Fundetec and ARS sessions, to discuss the possibility of not to acquire applications and pay only for what is used, with the consequent cost saving for the company. The new Web and Econred, also intervened to encourage participation in the networked society and the great business opportunity posed by this activity to micro-enterprises in attendees. Google approached, as it could not be less, to the day, and in one of the most fresh interventions and with greater involvement of the seating capacity, resolved questions and inquiries of all types to attendees, offering a significant discount for all there present could test them the effectiveness of actions on this search engine. Finally, attended by 2 companies associated to AEMME which by its success and the use of new technologies are a clear example that it can also grow in these difficult times. Markarte, marketing and communication company with his presentation is the time for des-MARKARTE with ICT s told us that not only use technology to its management and internal development, but that they are an indispensable support for other companies begin to use them from the hand of experts from confidence at an affordable price. And as shows they offered also an online service to attendees so that they start to verify for themselves the advantages of being in the network at a very affordable price. Another participating microenterprises was BioBike, company that sells electronic bicycles and that with their showcase on the internet 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, get a traffic of visitors in your area about 800 a month remaining on your webpage for more than 5 minutes, somewhat unfeasible at the classroom level.

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