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A document submitted by the CIS, the Centro de Investigaciones sociologicas, announces that viewers are looking for increasingly issues related to the education of science fiction. Online tv is not far behind: many of the people who require fun from the network, are almost always looking for science fiction-related programming. Regardless of the constant offering of this increasing type of programs, is the public who ends by selecting what to see in every moment of leisure. A new trend is that has been created in this type of study and dan as a consequence guidelines to keep in mind. And quoted the following excerpt of the official article: television, which so many opinions raises, is today one of the most important media.

According to spectators, 43.6% said that the programming is varied and you can choose, 17.2% asserts that it provides entertainment and 9.1% that provides information. Aside the formative value (1.1%) and the absence of advertising stays (0.6%).Private television stations are left aside when to what they should be required on your grill. The Viewer, according to the study by the CIS, believes that public service television should ensure quality (23.9%) content and disseminate culture (21.1%).

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