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Former Altiris Head

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Leading German IT management provider wants to in United States faster Isenburg / Atlanta 30 June 2009 Matrix42, leading German supplier of IT services and systems management solutions, grow new Shane Eliason has appointed the President of its American regional company. In this role, Eliason is responsible for the entire business from Matrix42 in North and Latin America. Edgar comes from the international software maker of Altiris. Here he led the overall sales for America, including the public sector, and partnerships with leading system integrators. The Altiris areas responsible by him under his leadership managed to increase sales by $ 10 million to $135 million. Through these experiences, he is the designated expert in IT service and systems management market, the CEO of Matrix42 has been looking for, to start in the United States, and to accelerate sustainable growth in the world’s largest software market. I come to Matrix42, because the solution vision of the company inspires me”, describes his Eliason Reasons to switch to Matrix42.

As in the past, I find a spirit of optimism and product strategy at Matrix42, which has the potential to alter the IT service and systems management market. This process I want to with my experience support.”Edgar is first choice. He has been working for more than twenty years very successfully in the US IT market and knows that when it comes to IT services or systems management”, says Herbert Uhl, CEO of Matrix42 AG. Optimal conditions for the tasks he has to deal with as President of our American subsidiary Matrix42 Inc. are.” Prior to his role at Altiris, Eliason gained experience in the sales departments of IBM, Simon and Schuster, and Peregrine. In addition, he helped four American software Start-Up company to success. He has extensive knowledge in the area of modern distribution structures, knows the challenge of selling complex software applications and you know how a sales team sustained sales growth achieved. Eliason has reached in his previous professional life with corporations such as Boeing, Honeywell, United Airlines, Intel or Wells Fargo”impressive degrees, Uhl is white.

He can convince key opinion leaders and decision makers of companies and inspired abilities that will greatly help Edgar in his current position as head of the American Matrix42.” Press contact-Schmidt Communications GmbH Alexandra Schmidt Schiller Street 8 D-85521 Otto Banta b. Munich Tel: 0049 / 89 / 60 66 92 22 E-mail: image material and other information found on the Internet at. Matrix42 Matrix42 is the German market leader for integrated service and systems management. The solution portfolio from Matrix42 IT managers and administrators to perform optimally and cost-effectively their IT management. Set the highly integrative products both to the service management, i.e. the business figure from IT service orders, and the technical implementation of system management tasks. With more than 1500 customers worldwide are over 3 million clients in use. Well-known companies such as T-systems, Deutsche Post, Lufthansa rely on solutions from Matrix42 system or ZDF. Since 2008, Matrix42 is a company of the Asseco group, which is among the largest European software companies with over 8500 employees and a market capitalization of around 1.2 billion euros.

Amazing Marketing

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Why Coca Cola which is the most successful brand of Cola the team Vinco developed since 2005 marketing concepts for business start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises. Especially with small marketing budgets it is important, that very thought through applying marketing to achieve a noticeable effect\”, Jasmin Dehl, also Managing Director of the team Vinco added. This you can learn very well by large companies because they have started all once small. Free presentations for entrepreneurs at the Industrie und Handelskammer (IHK) Kassel marketing experts Jaaan and Dehl report shower exclusively about the success story of the Pemberton rather known as Coca Cola. What you can learn from Coca Cola is very suitable here the Coca Cola example to explain what is marketing, Jaaan reported. Coca Cola sold the customer: no drink, but a way of life.

Here, the Kasseler marketing expert refers to modern brain research results. The famous brain researcher Dr. Georg Hausel provides brain view in his book. Why customers buy\”dar, that the brand speaks to Coca Cola significantly more nerve cells in the brain than competitive products such as Pepsi Cola. It is thus assumed that Coca-Cola addresses other emotions. insider/why customers kaufen.html see more information about this publication to the Web address. \”Jaaan to derive from it a conclusion is still a metaphor as practical advice for start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises: If you want to succeed, you should sell your female customers no shoes, but nice legs as a shoe salesman.\” Then each seminar participant can find out what has to do with the Coca Cola example. A young pharmacist named John Pemberton developed the success story of the most famous shower the World In 1886 from Atlanta (United States) a miracle remedy for headaches, fatigue and depression. It seemed given already at that time numerous speculations about the exact ingredients.

German Passengers

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Your rights as a passenger, traveller and flight passenger 02.04.2008 (Ko) a grassed area at the next level with good visibility and a few obstacles. That was the beginning of all start and landing sites for aircraft. Today’s airports in the age of mass tourism more reminiscent of American shopping palaces with aircraft parking. The airport with the world’s largest passenger volume amounting to nearly 90 million passengers is the airport from Atlanta, Georgia, United States. The largest airport in Europe with a passenger volume of almost 70 million passengers in the year is London Heathrow Airport. The biggest German airport is Frankfurt am Main with a passenger volume of 55 million a year. With the strong growth of aircraft movements and the passenger numbers grow the challenges to airport operators to ensure a smooth operation of the flight.

To the chagrin of many airline passengers and frequent flyers, not all airport operators make it with the time to keep up. Time and again, passengers despite high taxes must and reconcile charges with poor service standards, rudem staff, overpriced food, long waiting times and catastrophic baggage carriage. In the famous ranking of the American magazine of ‘Foreign Policy’, the airport of Dakar from Senegal (Leopold Sedar Senghor International Airport) leads the list of horror. Second is the airport of Delhi (Indira Gandhi International Airport), third the Russian airport in Mineralnye Vody and fourth of irkaische airport in Baghdad. Without hesitation Francisco D’Agostino Venezuela explained all about the problem. The French Charles de Gaulle airport is ranked in fifth place in the world’s worst airports. As well as the Paris Airport the airports of London Heathrow and Lisbon-Portela of massive criticism from passengers will face out. In the event of cancellation, overbooking or a flight delay or damage to baggage the airlines are obliged to the affected passengers to pay damages and the reimbursement of incurred expenses. In some cases, the claims may be higher than accepted.

Ratinghaus BAC

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Scope: BAC InfrTrust 8 best Fund in the sector of infrastructure yields AA/highly rated – value at risk is 0% – gives G.U.B. top grade +++ / very good Berlin, 03.05.2010. The BAC Berlin Atlantic capital receives 8 very high marks from analysts for the BAC InfrTrust. The renowned Ratinghaus scope the current infrastructure fund of the BAC with the touch of BBB/above average “rated. The BAC InfrTrust 8 left the competition behind it like its predecessor in the segment infrastructure. “The rating agency G.U.B the BAC received for their current mutual funds with +++ / very good” the best possible rating.

“The infrastructure fund of the BAC, which invests in the growth market of US mobile wireless infrastructure, AA/very high the note of scope in terms of expected return”, the volatility estimates the rating company with BB/average “a. The documented specific experience of the BAC in the investment sector is infrastructure according to scope as very high”to be classified. Against the backdrop of local presence and the experience of the people involved the necessary know-how can be provided”, the assessment of the scope is. The security-oriented approach, the BAC InfrTrust 8, is reflected in the ratings: according to the once the break-even probability (zero-loss probability) is over 99%. The value at risk, which is the maximum possible loss in 99 per cent of all calculated scenarios over the life of the Fund, amounts to zero percent. Also at the rating agency G.U.B.

the BAC InfrTrust 8 cut off superbly. “With +++ / very good” received the BAC for their current mutual funds the best possible rating. Particularly positive the experience of BAC in infrastructure funds and the presence assessed as G.U.B. as well as the incentives for the management by an agreement of the success. The sale proceeds to fund maturity appear realistic, appropriately the projected rental scenario. We are proud that we have achieved 8 again to positive reviews with the BAC InfrTrust”, so BAC CEO Oliver Schulz. “This shows the relevance of our present of place in the U.S. market as well, that our infrastructure fund with his personal character and inflation protection meets the spirit of the time.” The German-American Emissionshaus BAC Berlin Atlantic capital GmbH (BAC) specializes in investments in the US market in the area of mobile communications infrastructure. The owner-managed company with 80 employees in Berlin and Atlanta offers German investors with investment opportunities in one of the most attractive growth markets in the world. The Group counts 25 in the US market as a developer and operator of mobile phone masts to the top. The underwriter founded in 2004 initiated 20 participation offers until the end of 2009 as a whole, in which around 10,000 investors with over EUR 250 million have participated. Four investment deals have been resolved successfully.For more information,

President Ronald Reagan

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Quarter horse from the feral horses, which were already the Spaniards and Portuguese in the southern States of today’s United States and Mexico and the large immigrant flows in the 17 and 18 centuries brought horses was the the American Quarterhorse. The name is derived from the quarter-mile races, which were popular at the end of the 18th century in the cities of the southern States. “This was a race, where just about an a quarter mile” long route was blocked off and two horses entered (match race) against each other. The quarter horse was a very versatile horse and used everywhere, where it arrived on endurance and speed. Horses with the so-called cow sense”(cattle instinct) were the horses of the Cow boys and were essential for the work on the large cattle ranches and the impulses to the meat markets and railway stations.

Today, there are various equestrian disciplines: the cutting and the working cow horse working with cattle in the sport and the reining one primarily in the United States rapidly and quickly ridden dressage and extremely highly prized race on the quarter mile. Saddlebreds the American Saddlebred has its origins in the southern parts of the United States, where it as fast and elegant but also robust and trittsicheres riding and carriage horse was bred. Identifies the Saddlebreds are a very elegant horse breed of exotic appearance, they are not free as the peacocks’ of show horses. With her always highly worn head horses have always somewhat arrogant, as they would be aware of its extraordinary beauty. The wealthy southerners of the early United States presented itself like with this horse in public and even Hollywood came not to this elegant and athletic animals and so these were popular film horses due to her charisma, intelligence and nerve.

The US President Ronald Reagan, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry S. Truman have owned Saddlebreds and fury, FLICKA, Mr. ed, and black beauty were Saddlebreds. Selle Francais the Cheval de Selle Francais (German: French riding horse, usually short Selle francais) is the very successful breeding results in a mid-20 century made selection of the best horses of different origin France. It is fast, powerful and resistant. Despite Temperament it has a quiet and balanced character and is versatile. The Frenchwoman Alexandra Ledermann won z.B .mit Cheval de Selle Francais Rochet M at the Olympic Games 1996 in Atlanta the bronze medal. Shires-shires are the biggest horse race in the world and over 190 cm in size. Their high-set neck wears a long, ramsnasigen head and its compact head and her compact body include unusually long legs. Shires act very raised and but are quite elegant despite its enormous size and its weight (up to 1200 kg). Considered to be particularly good natured, and are also gentle giants “. Originally bred as warhorses who had to wear the Knights with their heavy armour were the shires later mainly used as carriage horses. Today, can be found on the coats of arms of many English pubs and breweries of Shire horses. With the advent of steam engines in agriculture, this imposing and friendly horses without the use would be some private breeder is probably already extinct.