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Prostate Operation

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The development of some diseases such as the prostate problems have forced the medicine to evolve in such way that they can be avoided through such complex processes as the prostate operation, which is the main subject of this article. Contact information is here: Seth Fischer Hong Kong. Prostate problems arise when there is some kind of prostatic deficiency or when manages to detect the presence of a tumor in the same. Prostate cancer is the second most killer malignant agent in the world, after lung cancer occurring in the first place; prostate cancer is an evil that affects to 37 percent of men older than 50 years, causing the death of 20 per cent of them, then is himself say that prostate care must become one of the main male activities at present. The prostate operation must be done when the urologist performs an evaluation of the patient, qualifying this from 0 to 10 with the intention of knowing the State of advancement that has cancer; between 8 and 10 levels are where operation must be immediately, between 4 and 7 the patient be under constant observation and from 1 to 3 the patient not even develops any kind of risk. Currently the development doctor has allowed that some processes such as prostate operations, have managed to reach such levels that now these can be made in several ways; a clear example of this are: brachytherapy: this process involves making a small incision in the perianal via, then depositing through special needles iodine seeds, which emanate radiation during 65 days, so that the cancer is eliminated; This process only takes 50 minutes and the patient can leave hospital that same day. Prostate laser operations: this novel procedure consists of entering the urethra a cystoscope, which possesses a laser that exudes a light that the malignant tissue turns into water vapour at its tip. This procedure is very effective because just 50 to 60 minute delay and the patient can go to the comfort of your home the same day of the intervention.

It is proper to say that prostate interventions can be made by three routes mainly; they are: perineal route: this mode of operation is based on making a small incision under the penis, to facilitate access to the prostate. transvesical via: relies on open bladder for easy access to the prostate to extirpate it. via retropublica: this method is based on reaching the prostate through the capsule or anterior wall. It is good to clarify that all these processes are invasive and therefore possess certain risks such as infections, irritations, and in some cases bleeding, without commenting that they must have a long time to make the wound heals properly. Therefore the time recuperatorio you need this operation is very broad. Given the above demonstrated that the modern options like brachytherapy are displayed before us as an excellent choice for serious prostate problems not so radically affect our daily lives.