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CashRun Published Report

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Gallen, Switzerland, February 7, 2012 CashRun, a leading company that specializes in E-commerce solutions to prevent online fraud and global payment options, published its report for the first half of the year 2012 to online fraud and risk management in collaboration with the Paypers ‘, the independent source for news, Reports and analyses by experts from global payments. CashRun’s report on the online fraud and risk management for 2012 to facilitate online retailers to get in the variety of online fraud protection solutions. Considering the extreme increase in the fraud protection technologies in the E-commerce market and the lack of information, it is no surprise that E-commerce companies often opt for a fraud protection solution, which is inefficient, costly and often bound by long-term contracts. See more detailed opinions by reading what David Karp offers on the topic.. The report should online retailers doing help to thoroughly weigh their decisions when choosing an adequate fraud protection solution and to consider the proper factors, brings an effective fraud management with it, particularly in view of the complexity of the fraud sector. Among other things, therefore different, often offered fraud protection programmes with regard to their effectiveness are analysed so that can get a better picture about the different offers of online retailers. Drew Houston helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. “All over the world have more and more online retailers profit losses due to fraudulent activities. Therefore an informed, reasoned decision regarding the right fraud protection solution is essential to optimize the revenue per chargeback risk”Justin Lie, Managing Director of the CashRun group, tells.

“The complete report can be free on the Web pages of the Paypers” and CashRun “available for download. The Paypers the Paypers is a leading, independent source of news, reports, and analyses by experts from the global Payment transactions. The Paypers products are created by payment specialists and include all significant developments in the field of financial transactions with a special focus on online payments, online banking, mobile payment, E-invoicing, E-identitiy and SEPA. The company’s portfolio offers including headlines, newsletters, company profiles, publications, events, jobs, Einkaufsleitfaden and spreads advertising-related writings via multiple media channels and social networks. About CashRun the company CashRun was founded in 2007 with the aim, to offer secure and convenient online payment options Internet dealers. Through the continuous development of their solutions, a strong global presence and a dense network of partners, the CashRun Group achieved impressive successes in fraud-vulnerable industries and supports dealers, to minimize all risks of payment fraud, to accelerate its revenue growth and to focus on their core competencies. Press contact: Ms. Catherine Ogilvie, CashRun group.

Fixed Expenses

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Starting an activity is not an easy task. The always-difficult task of selection of the idea and the business model that we will develop we have all the problems related to financing. Also in recent times of financial uncertainty credit offered by banks is much more meager than yesteryear which obliges employers to look for new options to maintain the level of quality and image in the service while reducing operating costs all possible. Within the scope of the work of Executive Secretariat and management agenda the possibilities are many and varied. For example there is the possibility of working with a company’s virtual secretariat through which we can outsource everything relative to the attention of calls and the Organization of meetings and appointments.

Such services may permit are slim structure of personnel and material using the economic resource for other more necessary items taking into account that the quality of service is maintained at the same level. This modality, as we have said, It is especially interesting at times, as at present, in which the money that we can finance with financial institutions is scarce. Another possibility interesting for cost saving and very interesting especially for professionals is the possibility of hiring the services of a company that offers virtual offices. The self-employed who begins his activity has as its sole capital your business idea and in many cases could begin to work from his home. However we all know that meetings with customers or contributors to a certain level and size presupposes the use of a fully equipped office which also offers a professional image of our activity. In order to obtain the advantages of savings resulting from not having Office and the improvement in the image that come with having it may resort to the hybrid system of virtual offices, which allow the self-employed to rent a certain hours in an Office that you will be using when you need. Drew Houston might disagree with that approach. All ideas are low in order to reduce costs in the face of to transform our business model into reality..

European Space Agency

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What is 'Herschel'? 'Herschel' (Herschel) is the largest telescope, launched beyond Earth. The diameter of its main mirror – one of the most important component of the optical system – is 3,5 meters. For comparison, the primary mirror 'Hubble' about a meter already – its diameter is 2.4 meters. The size of the primary mirror is directly dependent 'vigilance' telescope. Than it is wider, the more radiation can be collected. The diameter of the mirror – not the only thing that distinguishes 'Herschel' from 'Hubble'. Large telescope sees the universe not in the optical and infrared and submillimeter ranges.

All created so far infrared space telescopes of its size not even close to approaching the 'Herschel'. Their mirrors were collected on average 20 times less radiation than a mirror of the new telescope. Why do I need infrared? The human eye can not detect radiation in the infrared. Our vision is limited to a narrow wavelength range from 360 to 730 nanometers, called visible light. Watching came from the depths of the universe visible light, you can get a lot of information about stars, comets, and even some planets.

It Visible light is the primary source of information about space until the mid xx century. The idea of creating a huge orbital infrared telescope was born in 1982 at the European scientists. After 27 years of rocket Ariane-5 launched from spaceport in French Guiana. In the development of the telescope, 'responsible' for that is the European Space Agency, was attended by ten countries including the United States and Russia.