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There Is Nothing Good, Unless You Do It – Tour 2008

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The probably hottest band Bonn is disappointed “because wants to do something good, help and to employ people for social things, and then you have to pay it even.” Reason for the disappointment: Although the 5 musicians completely forgo any payment for their 31-days-mammoth tour, they should pay for each of their concerts GEMA. “Except for a discount of 10 percent due to benefit one wants to give no discount us at GEMA”, Mathis Kurrat, singer of the band says rule.”Depending on how many people listen to us, that can be really expensive. If we, as we intended it, a day in a pedestrian zone play, it can be that we have to pay over 200 euros only to GEMA. No matter whether we now 20 minutes or 2 hours play. This money is the projects and needy, we actually want to stop supporting the tour available.” The society to determine of musical performance rights, as the GEMA with full name, can be indicated that it only as a trustee acts and unfortunately can’t change anything on this issue.

“We are obliged to defend the rights of the owners of the works,” it says. “One would think that AC/DC, deep purple or Queen, whose pieces include play, have enough money. The musicians would certainly not mind. But the bureaucracy in Germany hold just much cripples “, so Patrick Reichel, one of the two guitarists in inch stock.” Nevertheless, the five musicians want to adhere to its plan to play the Rhein-Sieg-Kreis and the adjacent districts, 31 days at a time in Bonn. “Already some events we have planned. Konigswinter, Rheinbach, Bad Honnef, Bonn and Vettelschoss are, for example, a few of the stations where we stop.

We have made us, so we do it also. At the end, from. We so not for nothing are probably the hottest band Bonn!”shows optimistic Wolfgang Stock, bandleader and drummer. “We have since put so much work, unless that specially for the Tour designed homepage at or the posters, which are almost finished. Also we are just guilty the people who support us. “Adds Phillip Tepper, bass player for the Group:” just because others do not bode well want or can, must we go Yes not afterwards. Because there is nothing good, except to do it. This is so easy “around may through which will according to own statements of probably hottest band Bonn entertain people throughout the region with rock music from the past until today and also his own compositions and with play money for 31 different social purposes. Who wants to support the band, they occur to let or wants to go to a concert, can inform on about the plans and backgrounds of the five.

Federal District

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Its fields are of course propitious to the cattle pasture and the extensive one. Pampas are an aboriginal word to assign to prairies – plain surfaces vegetation covers tripping. Most of bioma is formed by fields, but it also has arbreos stretches and some spots with dense, similar forest to the Atlantic bush. As the south of Brazil is extended of north, it she is not homogeneous, but yes a vegetation mosaic. In its more characteristic form, it is an exuberant pluvial forest, with trees that can reach 40 meters of height. It has one of biodiversities richest of Brazil and the world.

In only one area of the serrana region of the Espirito Santo it has 476espcies of lenhosas trees. This zone keeps fort contact with biomas of the Amaznia and the Atlantic bush and encloses regions of ecological transistion that play a function of linking and viabilizao of genetic exchanges between terrestrial and marine ecosystems. Bioma is one constituted by complex environments, diversified and of extreme importance for the sustentation of the life of the sea. Only bioma exclusively Brazilian congregates at least distinct 12vegetaes, the calls caatingas, characterized mainly for losing todasas leves in the period of drought. The mountain presence with 2 a thousand meters of altitude in way to bioma raises a little the humidity and is what it makes of the region half-barren commaior biodiversity of the world Spread for 11 States (ME, PI, YOU, BA, GO, MG, TM, MS, RO, SP and PR), more the Federal District, is as bigger bioma of Brazil. She is also one of savannahs richest of the world, in special for the biological contact with biomas neighboring. Known as forest upside-down, because its roots costumam to be bigger of what the pantries. In its chapadas ones they are rising of the main rivers of the basins Amazonian, of the Silver and the San Francisco.

Divine Providence

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One of the purposes of the Transpersonal NLP is to help facilitate our elections us routed towards a life in which consciousness, love, and liberty give meaning to our path and Therefore, is a road with sense. It says Frankl in the cited book: the human being is not a thing most among other things; things are determined each other; but the man, ultimately, is its own determinant. What becomes – within the limits of its powers and its environment – it has to make for himself. In the concentration camps, for example, in the living laboratory, on the test bench, we watched and we were witnesses that some of our comrades acted as pigs while others behaved as saints. The man has within himself lagoons powers: their decisions and not their conditions depends on which of them is revealed.

The Taoists claim that where it is the intention is energy and that when energy is condensed and directed toward a decision felt and committed it completely changes our experience. Inexorably, sometime you must stop to find an essential meaning towards which directed us. If we do not consciously, the unconscious or the society will do it for us. The excess of information and possibilities can also be a trap that keep us entertained without delving into the essence. We can spend the life endless digging shallow holes in the ground of knowledge, deepen 2 meters in one direction, other 2 meters in another, another two metres more beyond however if we do not commit ourselves to persevere a time to go a little deeper is difficult to find the treasure.

Find a treasure hidden under the ground both follow a star that you orient require faith, confidence and perseverance kept in time. According to Goethe, while we are not committed to walk in any direction, always doubts arise or conceived the possibility of going back, and finally there is vacuum and inefficiency. In relation to all these acts full of inefficiency, there is one elementary truth whose ignorance kills countless splendid plans: in the moment in which we assume a commitment with the direction of life that we want to definitively, Divine Providence It also puts in motion. All sorts of things occur to help us, that in other circumstances they would have never happened. The entire flow of events, situations and decisions created all kinds of incidents, meetings and material assistance, we would have never dreamed of finding our way in our favor. You already know. If you try, perhaps, but never.

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