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World Championship Germany

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Striker Diego Milito and midfielder Esteban Cambiasso will be sidelined three to four weeks because of injuries they suffered during the friendly match in which the selection of Argentina came out defeated 1-0 to Japan. In that game, the two Argentine players had problems in the femoral biceps in her left leg. Dropbox shines more light on the discussion. Milito was the first to suffer discomfort, what had to be replaced after 33 minutes, while Cambiasso came out at the end of the first part. Cambiasso, flipping from first-degree injury, leaves it off the pitch for 15 to 20 days, while that of his partner, which was a little more complicated will be without play between 20 and 25 days. Esteban Cambiasso is an Argentine player who started his professional career in Argentina Juniors in 1996.

The following year he moved to play at Real Madrid B, where he remained for two years. In 1998 he returned to his country to play in the first division with Independiente, there remained until 2001, then went to the River Plate, team that won the clausura tournament. In 2002, Cambiasso has the opportunity of returning to Real Madrid, team with which debuted in the Liga BBVA in September of that year. With Cambiasso, Real Madrid won the European Supercup, the Spanish League, an Intercontinental Cup and a Super Cup of Spain. In 2004, Inter Milan acquires the services of Cambiasso, who has worked with the team in the conquest of an Italy Cup, a Super Cup of Italy and the Italian League.

After his participation in the World Championship Germany 2006, Inter renewed his link to Cambiasso, who will remain at the club until 2014. For its part, Diego Milito is a player who has also developed his career at international level..

National Road Infrastructure

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To the 2.121.000 registered vehicles of motor in the Main directorate of Internal Taxes of the Dominican Republic of the 31 of December of 2007, it would be necessary to add 112.030 of the first six months of the 2008, being ascended then ones to to total of 1.233.030 vehicles. Which does not mean that this it is really the size of the field to carry ours, since many uncertainties as far as the number of motorcycles exist, presumably greater in more of a 20%. Of the total volume of vehicles registered near 45% it is of motorcycles. Becoming a population sector anxiously looked for political proselytism, without taking into account that represents a pump of traveling time by the weaknesses in the regulations that prevail in the Dominican Republic. With a population of 9.34 million inhabitants, US$85.4 billions of dollars of gross internal product in this last year; a road network of approximately 18.000 kilometers; indicators of sinisterness in the routes of Dominican Republic calculate to which there is that to put attention particular: a rate of social motorization of around 4 at the moment, whereas the rate of mortality by each 100.000 inhabitants in traffic accidents this near the 16.

Evident institutional weaknesses of the sector transit and transport, besides relative interindependence; with a law of terrestrial transit in obsolescence; the incomplete process of obtaining of licenses to lead, in spite of the great advances in some points of the system, as it is the case of the elaboration of this document. A deep work in the emission of the certificate and permission of circulation by means of a concession of the technical revision is required to carry; demanding itself also, a critical revision of the regulations of the schools of conductors. They are some of the characteristics that the sector in our country presents/displays. The Dominican society as soon as possible requires of a reordering of the transit and the transport that fence of the hand with Integral a National Plan of Road Security and also of the Plan of Development and Investments of the National Road Infrastructure..

The Measure

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Who is free and responsible thus, it will excite freedom in others. Therefore, the true freedom generates freedom. To be free implies in freeing others. Nobody is free for itself, but in solidarity and allotment. To pledge the freedom is condition of the proper release and others people; she is not to lose the liberdade, but to become it of the size of the new world that we help to construct. she does not have hereditary freedom. Therefore, when being born, we are only potentially free, project of freedom and personal accomplishment, collaborating in the construction of history.

My freedom and of each person is conquest, permanent release, not gift. We are born potentially free and we act our freedom to the measure we pledge that it in the service of ours and of the release of other people, personal and social prisoners of as many chains and slaveries. However, to speak of the freedom is easy and poetical. But, to live it is assaz problematic. Independently of the color politics, of the religious creed, of the partner-economic condition, social classroom, all we agree, in thesis, that the freedom is our greater well. But, the things if complicate when we pass of the sonhador romantismo to the practical one of the real freedom.

Therefore, if we accept of good grado the bond of the right to the freedom, in the practical one it is extremely difficult to accept with naturalness the responsibility of the duties of respect, gratitude, solidarity with the other freedoms. The trend is to defend the individual rights and to send to other obligations that compete in them: we use our freedom as if we lived alone in the world and we did not have nothing to nobody to be free. It is in the game of the right and duty where if of the o drama of the freedom, where we live, to one alone time, its blessing and its curse.

Council Economy

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about the Government of Spain for the approval of a law anti-shock finally materialized in the law of sustainable economy. January 8, 2010. The Council of Ministers approves measures that will facilitate the closure of websites with judicial authorization. The room of the contentious of the Audiencia Nacional will be responsible for executing such a policy. 18 January 2010. The Audiencia Nacional supports pending the appeal filed by the Association of Internet users against the impartiality of Angeles Gonzalez-Sinde. understand that there is a situation of conflict of interest private cargo, and that far from inhibiting is as prescriptive, has provided various aid to the film industry, with a total value of 8,000,000 euros. Later the complaint was extended on two occasions by persisting in this attitude.

March 3, 2010. The survey conducted by FACU-consumers in action suggests that more than eighty percent of population is against the closure of Web pages. March 19, 2010. The Government approved, without substantial changes with respect to the agreement adopted by the Council of Ministers of January 8, the draft law on sustainable economy, which includes the regulations known as law Sinde. December 4, 2010.

The national newspaper El Pais published a detailed article in which sumarizaba through 35 Embassy delayed American in Madrid revealed by Wikileaks in carrying leaked cables pressures that served us.UU. about the Government of Spain for the approval of a law anti-shock finally materialized in the law of sustainable economy. December 21, 2010. The Committee on economy of the Congress rejects the second final provision of the law of sustainable economy, also known as law Sinde, with the votes of PP, CiU, PNV, CC and ERC-IU-ICV after postponing the vote up in three occasions due to the complexity of the amendments process. December 22, 2010. The Minister of culture, Angeles Gonzalez Sinde, reiterates that he will work on a new law anti-piracy. February 9, 2011. The full Senate approves the law Sinde by 244 votes in favour and 12 against. February 13, 2011. Goya Awards Gala. alex de la Iglesia presented his resignation as President of the Academy of cinema, by his disagreement with the law Sinde. February 15, 2011 the plenary of the Congress of Deputies approves the second final provision (law Sinde) included in the sustainable economy act with 323 votes in favour of PSOE, PP and CIU, 19 against PNV, ERC, ICV-IU, UPyD, BNG and CC, and one abstention. March 5, 2011. The law Sinde is published in the official of the State number 55 Bolegin, March 6, 2011. Entry into force of the law Sinde. Today, they begin to be countless court judgments in Spain stating legal websites from links to external content. It will continue to… Original author and source of the article.

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