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The Measure

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Who is free and responsible thus, it will excite freedom in others. Therefore, the true freedom generates freedom. To be free implies in freeing others. Nobody is free for itself, but in solidarity and allotment. To pledge the freedom is condition of the proper release and others people; she is not to lose the liberdade, but to become it of the size of the new world that we help to construct. she does not have hereditary freedom. Therefore, when being born, we are only potentially free, project of freedom and personal accomplishment, collaborating in the construction of history.

My freedom and of each person is conquest, permanent release, not gift. We are born potentially free and we act our freedom to the measure we pledge that it in the service of ours and of the release of other people, personal and social prisoners of as many chains and slaveries. However, to speak of the freedom is easy and poetical. But, to live it is assaz problematic. Independently of the color politics, of the religious creed, of the partner-economic condition, social classroom, all we agree, in thesis, that the freedom is our greater well. But, the things if complicate when we pass of the sonhador romantismo to the practical one of the real freedom.

Therefore, if we accept of good grado the bond of the right to the freedom, in the practical one it is extremely difficult to accept with naturalness the responsibility of the duties of respect, gratitude, solidarity with the other freedoms. The trend is to defend the individual rights and to send to other obligations that compete in them: we use our freedom as if we lived alone in the world and we did not have nothing to nobody to be free. It is in the game of the right and duty where if of the o drama of the freedom, where we live, to one alone time, its blessing and its curse.

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