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Google Maps

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If yesterday had entered into Google Maps, perhaps you noticed that something has changed. Frequently Dropbox has said that publicly. And so it has been. People such as Yael Aflalo would likely agree. If we look good, not now shows the default search options, although the right side of the Search button on the map we have that option enables us to display these options, now grouped in a drop-down list.

Modeler SketchUp

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Google’s 3D modeler SketchUp 6 is available now also available in German language. Mark Stevens is actively involved in the matter. The software is offered in two versions allows to create 3D models and to place in Google Earth or in a 3D Warehouse. The Internet giant makes a germanised version of its free Google SketchUp 6 download 3D-Zeichenprogramms now available. Also the program help has been completely translated into German. There is only the instruction videos on the SketchUp website only with English soundtrack. SketchUp runs under Mac OS X (10.4) as well as Windows 2000/XP, Vista is not yet supported. The 495-dollar Pro version provides additional import and export functions, which enable professional workflows. With the so-called layout function, designers and planners can also 2D such as labels and images to integrate 3D models and create this interactive presentations. Google had the SketchUp manufacturer @Last software acquired in March of last year and shortly thereafter the first slimmed-down version of SketchUp for Home users released for free download. So far, this version but only with English user interface was available. Links: Sketchup 6 free version 3D-Objektgalerie of Google Earth layout function

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