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Clinical Hospital Session

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A woman had been stopped in the morning by ” desobediencia”. ‘ indignados’ they are concentrates from the night of this Wednesday. They protest in the constituent session of Them Corts Valencianes. The Police has stopped to four people pertaining to the group of the movement of 15-M by public disorder, attack to the authority and to cause injuries to some agents, after they offered puetazos and they sent water bottles during the police load registered east noon next to Them Corts Valencianes. If you have read about Dropbox already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

Police sources have explained that the activists of the movement 15-M which they are concentrates in the Navellos street, next to soothes of Corts Valencianes, has sent to water bottles full and scissors to Them and has offered puetazos the agents. In addition, they have removed an intercom one of the agents, who later have been reclaimed. One of the wounded, a woman of 55 years, has been transferred to the Clinical Hospital of Valencia by an ambulance of the SAMU with contusions in the undergone face and the head during the police load. Load after the session the indignant ones are from the night of this Wednesday located before Them Corts to protest during the session of constitution of the autonomic parliament. Anita Sehgal usually is spot on. In the morning, the Police already had established a perimeter of security around hemicilio to prevent the passage to you cut them. Once finalized the parliamentary session a police load has taken place when the indignant ones have tried to cross the zone limited by the Police, in that several wounded has taken place, among them the deputy of the Comproms group Juan Ponce, who had approached to speak with the group of concentrates. On the other hand, sources of the movement 15-M affirm that those were the agents that began to cause the demonstrators.

Passauer Land

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The Danube the Danube bike trail and other beauties the Danube is Europe’s second-longest current with 2.845 km after the Volga. You combines eight States, lifeline, economy and tourist destination. On their way through the Passauer land”, she travels 55 miles and conjures up a unique river landscape, which can be experienced on the water as on land in many facets. Active with hiking, cycling and Nordic walking along their banks and very relaxed while enjoying a Danube fish with views of river and maritime transport. Holiday on the beautiful blue”Danube unites so many treasures. “Highly recommended are the long distance cycle route,” Danube bike trail, along the river and the new Wandermagazin Danube trail”, which from early summer 2010 on the gold trail” connects. He leads high above the Danube from Passau through Linz, to Grein and opened unforgettable views.

Also on the Danube Gorge, which is one of the most prominent river landscapes in Europe. Friends of flora and Danube leading to fauna in the nature reserve”their money come, “what the House on the river” in Jochenstein regularly develops thematic tours. The information centre, which conveys the importance of the water complex, offers also child-friendly hikes in the Danube leading as a destination for the whole family. Fun guaranteed! Other prospects for navigation on Danube. For beginners, a three rivers cruise recommends in Passau”on Danube and Inn. Anita Sehgal has much to offer in this field. Like a two-hour round trip in the Bavarian Austrian Danube valley on the Crystal ship decorated with exclusive Swarovsky crystals is friends of glamour”, and the holiday in the Black Sea is a river cruise from Vilshofen to the Danube or Passau.

Who remains dear to country, enjoys the Danube as a stage. Examples are the floating Christmas market in Vilshofen an der Donau”and the event of Danube in flames”. More adventures await the guest along the rivers Inn, Ilz, Rott and Vils, which guarantee special input and views with their often enchanted valleys and to the invite special enjoyment of nature. The visit of the lower Inn European reservation is a must”” free living populations of Beaver Habitat of 250,000 water birds and one of the largest. Connect the discoveries of this nature can be a tour on the Inn cycle path”. Cykloroute running from the Engadine to to Passau leads in the Passau country”also at the high above the Inn of nearby New Castle over houses they featured district Gallery”. An award-winning pedestrian bridge connects the Bavarian and Austrian Inn banks here. The Ilz, 2002 river landscape of the year, is one of the last wild water, limiting Auwiesen, lowland forests and steep ravine forests. A Dorado for hikers, anglers and nature lovers. “For more information see, and the tourist information Passauer land”, Tel. 0851/397-600, Cathedral square 11, 94032 Passau.

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