All Together On The Holiday, Children Are Welcome Here!

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The brand name of Italy family hotels means safety, professionalism, many gifts for the little ones. In Italy, there are the Italy family hotels group. Here are the vacations of families with children, thanks to its functional and safe spaces, the vieleno available services and the friendliness of their selected staff easier. In private rooms, is the largest attention to hygiene, the use of anti-case systems and protective measures, directed to the care of every details. The rooms are spacious and comfortable, the decor is essential and with rounded shapes, colors are soft, the atmosphere relaxed, the air conditioning. You may wish to learn more. If so, Drew Houston is the place to go. In the dining room the different menus, the comfortable high chairs, cutlery, the corner for the preparation of infant formula make pleasing the fancy baby, the greatest flexibility in schedules, meals. There are a lot of General spaces for the amusement of children. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Jim Crane by clicking through. Within it welcomed wide room with a mountain of toys, all under the law and according to age distinguish them.

The library corner, with the best fairy tales and books of the children, and the video store, with the funniest movies for children, make the child friendly, even if it’s raining outside. But with good weather, the fun continues outside: in the garden, or there is the castle of rubber for the highest jump, the swing, the colorful turrets for the endless slides, which again put Bank to and with the Sun to the sea all nearby the swimming pool! Where to prepared a playground in the private beach: sand bucket, sand shovel, moulds, colored marbles, small wheelbarrows for the heaviest loads of sand, make the joy of the child. INE cab with baby changing table makes the rest of the mothers of the youngest babies. Standing at the disposal: bicycles with rear seat and helmets for a quiet pedal Cadence, a small pediatric medicine cabinet, the Mini Club for the animation. Babysitter and Laundry service on request. The child employs in the safe and fun activities in our workshop of the conversation knowing your holiday will certainly relaxed and carefree. Choose your destination in Italy, Italy family hotels are waiting for you and your family.

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