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You already tried to bind to the television pra to see periodical? Poxa! When you bind to its television in the reporters, you already you have that to go taking a box of together handkerchief, because it is as much bad news that the people are with fear. a fear terrible and coitada of the people and good people! Good people including you yourselves that this article is reading. But why? because you it starts to think about its children, its life, its studies, family, church. of some form, the compassion comes. when it is not only one internal compassion (of its proper soul and family). It is compassion for the others. (Friends, and even though enemy, because the great tribulao is something that I do not want pra NOBODY).

alone pra to speak that you are not only the good people as we go to also speak of the bad people, because after all of accounts. until the outlaws they love they love the money, they love stealing, they love making the evil and they love its life. Summarizing–> All we from some point of view, tico or not (depending on the myopia degree), love the life! has fear to lose the life without having success some, without of that some form, either remembered later. with as much disaster, all enter in panic however. In Apocalypse 17:1 – 7, the Apostlo Joo, are in Patmos having a vision of arrepiar the hair. It finishes to see with its proper eyes the scenes of the apocalypse. GOD travelled in time with the Apstolo and showed everything what it would have to happen in the final days (where we are). When suddenly, it testifies ones of the scenes ugliest of the book: a dressed prostitute of royalty, full of jewels and gold, seated on of a red crossbow escarlata all tarred with horrible names of blasphemies, that had 7 heads and 10 horns.

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