ATM Credit

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A permanently free checking account with an also dauerhaften free credit card and 1.65 percent interest per year as from April 15, 2010 is the offer of the DKB AG. From April 15, 2010, there are interest rates per annum for new and existing customers of Deutsche Kreditbank AG (DKB AG) on their free credit card no longer the previous 2.10 percent interest per year but only 1.65 percent. With this lowering of interest rates, Deutsche Kreditbank AG responds to the lower interest rates and is less than market average, which according to the statistics of the trade portal for 5,000 euro deposit and one month period currently stands at 1.68 percent per year. However, there are no pure day money account and a checking account which is available and is equipped with a free credit card without any restrictions without basic fees at the Deutsche Kreditbank AG. With this credit card customers who have the Deutsche Kreditbank AG cash checking account, which VISA at any ATM worldwide, support, free cash and it can on the credit card account any credit balance interest applicable 1.65 percent per year leave with the described above and from April 15, 2010. Through the combination of free checking account and also free credit card offer of DKB AG for savers who are looking for a daily available and secure form of investment as well as for customers who are on the lookout for a permanent and unconditional free checking account is suitable..

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