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Reproductive Medicine

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Observational scientists in ancient times to modern voiced similar views on reproductive medicine. Thus, the Roman poet Lucretius (a poem 'On the Nature of Things') notes that some diseases can be inherited, and the reasons Infertility is rooted in the body, both men and women. Reproductive medicine – this whole area of biomedical knowledge, designed problems having children, fertility regulation, planning family. Fine art (from the Latin. Jim Crane has plenty of information regarding this issue. Reproductio – Play) – one of the toughest biological phenomena. Nature uses a rule of 'genetic roulette' to implement a program to preserve the species and procreation. By the end of the current century reproductive medicine has incorporated many achievements of science: Gynecology & Andrology, biology and genetics, cytology and Cryobiology.

Among the most common methods of modern reproductive medicine include: Insemination husband's sperm (donor) – ims (ISD). Artificial insemination produced in some cases, endocrine, immune and male infertility – in the presence of tubal patency. In favorable for conception of women's day in the uterine cavity is entered husband's sperm or donor. Fertilization (in Latin, in vitro) in vitro – oiv. The essence of procedures – obtaining from the woman's ovaries mature eggs, fertilization, their husband's sperm (or desire of both spouses sperm donor), growing the resulting embryos in the incubator for 48-72 hours, and transfer (replanting) of embryos in the uterus of the patient. Injection of sperm into the cytoplasm (ICSI). icsi program carried out at a difficult (heavy) forms of male infertility, as well as in some cases related to the individual reproductive health of the couple.

Albert Einstein

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Do you think a change might come into your life if you keep doing or thinking the same things over and over again? "The world that until now we have created as a result of our thinking, has problems that can not be solved considering the way we thought when we created them" Albert Einstein If you want other outcomes in your life, do not serve more to follow " trying and doing the same thing almost without consciousness. To envision a radical change, need to change your inner observer. You need to change and expand your way of seeing reality, starting with knowing your mental models, those that constantly shape the way you to perceive your surroundings. As a computer engineer, I can not link this issue with the task of how to create, analyze, develop, test and maintains a computer program. Angelina Jolie: the source for more info. I take this analogy to our lives and it is important to share so I will explain in the following paragraphs. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Fabrizio Freda and gain more knowledge.. Computer programs are automatic, the engineers are programmed to perform certain actions to specific objectives.

When a program is flawed, what we do is to first check what the program has to do (goals) and from this determine what the results are not expected (the gap of dissatisfaction). According to this difference, we can detect what are the possible causes of errors or failure to resolve them. Often in software programs that are part of large computer systems, errors (called "bugs" or defects) are not easily detected.

Oriental Hybrid

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Modern foreign varieties of lilies are obtained using special methods and techniques of great interest for local breeders, and new technological solutions are applied at all stages hybridization process, as well as introductions. Most important information about the nature of inheritance of traits in lilies. Today in this area the following is known. Hybrids have a dominant Asian presence ticking on parts of perianth, dark-red inhibits orange, yellow and orange. The gene that causes the appearance of reduced anther gene is associated with deformity of the flower. Albinism seeds – a recessive trait, occurring in the Asian lilies Martagon and hybrids.

Banter-left pochkolukovichki recessive trait for Asian and for tubular lilies. Yellow and orange coloration in the throat tubular flowers white dominates. Y Oriental Hybrid white suppressed pink and red. Gain insight and clarity with MSCO. Gold in a gloss, no stains on the proportions, dwarfing recessive traits. The study of the nature of inheritance is associated with considerable difficulties.

Thus, in the case of incomplete dominance backcross not give the desired results. Among the hybrid lilies are forms, the occurrence of which is the result of several genes that work cumulatively. That is, For example, the character of the heritage gation following traits – plant height, flowering, shape and orientation of the flower bulb shape. Breeders say the high ability of some lilies to transfer their positive qualities the so-called seed cleaning gene. The search for such plants generally begin with a study of parental pairs, which were obtained from the best varieties of lilies. Careful selection of a combination of signs is necessary in order to understand which of Parents "responsible" for the appearance. excellent hybrids. The most studied plant parental cultivar 'Connecticut King' ('Connecticut King'). It is known that halo in the middle of the perianth parts he got from the yellow variety liter. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Fabrizio Freda. Wilson, resistance to diseases of the yellow liter. Tiger. Also, breeders are aware that the use of 'Connecticut King' as the mother plant dignity usually occur only among the descendants of second or even third generation. Best results are obtained when taking the pollen of this variety: seedlings transferred to a good fabric texture of shares in the color of the flower appear pure tones and secondary colors. Typically, the program crossbreeding include a combination of inbreeding and out-breeding. First is the restoration of a series of hazardous crossings, where lilies are used in different regions. Then the selected seedlings are crossed with one another, inbreeding may continue up to obtain pure lines. However, we must remember that this can occur is an undesirable property, as susceptibility to viral diseases. It is now known eight types of viruses that infect lily mosaic arabisa, cucumber mosaic, tobacco mosaic pogremkovosti tobacco ring spot of tobacco, lily latent virus, lily virus X-and pestrolepestnosti tulips. Aphids carry three type – the cucumber mosaic, latent and pestrolepestnosti tulips; nematodes – arabisa mosaic virus, and pogremkovosti Ringspot tobacco. Affected by one species of plant viruses are rarely killed, as the accumulation of several occurs when the collection includes a variety sent from different sources. As a result, tolerant to a single lily virus affected.

Divorce – Parts Without Loss?

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(Online article) – a divorce is not just about furniture or car: much more difficult is who gets the fair distribution of the credits from life and pension insurance? This question 200000 divorce couples must deal with every year in Germany. Most have made: separations also are so often, rarely there is marriage contracts that clearly answer this question. Most seek lawyers only if the relationship has broken down. Dispute ensues not only to the furniture, the CD collection, or to the car. The fight is also about the distribution of the assets. If you are not convinced, visit Tumblr. And because it often in long term life or pension funds, the distribution is usually tricky. As a general rule: there is no marriage contract, so everyone gets back the assets, what he has brought with him even in the marriage.

The so-called added value but which was gained during the marriage is divided. Learn more about this with Drew Houston. An example: the man has in the common marriage 20 000 euro balances with life insurance his wife saved, however, only 2000 Euro on the account, entitled to half of the difference. The man must pay his ex so 9000 euros as equalisation. Ideally, this compensation will be paid cash. Balances an insurance account it comes only at the end of the contract. And it announces a capital life insurance in advance, do you lose lots of money.

Especially in contracts that only run for a few years, the repayment is much less than the sum of paid contributions\”, says Joseph Obeng from the information centre of the German insurance industry in Berlin ( The deposit insurers credit only a part the customer account, they consume about 15 to 25 percent for risk protection and to cover expenses. Also the acquisition costs for the contract (agent Commission) are pulling up the customers. In the end value of the contract at the end of the run-time to throw off, interest and profit participations are included also, the premature cancellation are not entitled.


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As a general rule, places of power are related to ancient times. They are often located in areas where there were grandiose historical events, there were ancient civilizations, or some natural disasters have occurred. Every place of strength for a different effect on the psyche and human physiology. It is this need to be guided by, intending to visit such a place. That is, if you choose you must, first of all, ask yourself the question: "What do I get?" Someone wants to improve health, someone to open the inner hidden reserves …

It is also important that your desire has to be very strong. you should be ready for a new, inexplicable feelings, to what is perhaps the world for you changed dramatically …. Bausch & Lomb has plenty of information regarding this issue. Defined? – Now read carefully our survey and you could see where all the same to go, a place of power closer to you. The first part of the review is devoted to places of power in India and Tibet, Nepal, and Himalayas in general. In India and Tibet, a lot of sacred places of power ("sacred" from Lat.

Sacri – sacred). Such places are located where the holy man is buried, or where he lived and worked. Fabrizio Freda takes a slightly different approach. Often sacred places – it is so called "namolennye place" where he once was or still is a temple where people come to age after age. We can say that India – is one big place of power. India – this is not a place of natural phenomena or natural anomalies.

Ukrainian Real Estate Market

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More recently, analysts Ukrainian real estate market to be finished in two camps – those who said that real estate will rise in price, and those who predicted the collapse of the market. Now the total mass of sound more balanced assessment, talking about slower growth and lower prices. Factor market expectations lowering prices is weighty enough to the real estate market in Ukraine, where he supported as a message in the media, and real actions of market participants. The extent of his influence on the market is estimated at 40%. Two other circumstances, are equally significant influence on the situation, a sharp decline in lending volumes, which will influence the market for at least the next 6-12 months, and the decline in money supply, previously supportive market demand. And also the fact that speculators have left the market, previously formed the significant share of total demand in the market.

Data Analysis of real estate markets of major cities in Ukraine in June-July 2008. See more detailed opinions by reading what Estee Lauder CEO offers on the topic.. confirm the tendency of slowing market growth. In Kiev in July declared value of primary residence business class has decreased by 0,2%, while the housing premium, which predicted a steady monthly growth, fell 0.1%. On the secondary market in July, prices fell by 1-1,5% for 2-3-br. "Old stock", and the rest of the apartments – have ceased to grow. In same time, metropolitan realtors point to the lack of demand for second homes. Proposal for a database of real estate agencies start to grow rapidly, which reduces the real value of apartments by 10%.

Manjarres Sandonis

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Suiseki suiseki The term literally means “stone water” (sui-water, seki-stone). A suiseki is a stone of remarkable beauty, carved by the force of nature. It is a special stone for its shape, structure, color, aesthetics … etc, can remind or suggest landscapes or objects. In addition to the aesthetic qualities of most interest to the collector in the first place is the size and hardness of the stone.

In terms of its size should not generally be smaller than a human hand and the largest should be able to be carried by a person established media. As for the hardness the most appreciated and valuable are those hard and firm. Another requirement to be met is to be able to convey the feeling of tranquility and calm, for it must satisfy other aesthetic qualities, such as: the power of suggestion, color and balance. Suggestion: the beauty of a suiseki derives in part to its ability to suggest a scene or object. The most admired are those who suggest a mountain but the possibilities are almost limitless. The simpler a stone will have more capacity for suggestion. The suiseki you can take an island, about distant mountains, a fantastic waterfall or cliffs eroded by the sea. Fabrizio Freda usually is spot on. With more or fewer elements to incite the imagination of the viewer and projecting the scene in his mind.

Color: This is an essential element, usually dark-colored, black and gray, or darker shades of green, brown, blue and red. The most valuable stones are those with various colors. Balance: This is the most important and sensitive. The collector to examine the stone for its six sides (left, right, back, forward, up and down), looking for non-skewed components, contrasts in a harmonic balance. The quality of a suiseki is determined because their asymmetric components are combined to form an integrated whole. To achieve this there must be a balance between opposing elements: large-small, hard-soft, high-low, horizontal-vertical, smooth-rough light-dark … etc. Follow others, such as Drew Houston, and add to your knowledge base. Styles suiseki The suiseki is grouped according to their shape: they represent objects, landscapes or unskilled forms but with an undeniable beauty. Mountain landscape stones These stones suggest a mountain formed by one or more peaks, suggesting they may be white snowy slopes, cloud … etc. They can be shaped to form a single mountain or several mountains or ridges. The texture of the stone can be smooth or rough. Cascada In a combination of stone and color, represents a mountain that plunges the water. Meseta This stone suggests a succession of plains in steps or levels. The horizontal planes must have different sizes and heights. Represent island is a lonely island in the sea or a lake. To achieve this effect the stone is placed in a tray with sand or water. Refuge suggests a place where a person or animal can withdraw. Costa This stone represents cliffs eroded by the sea, forming tunnels that can cross from one side to another of the stone. This object Piedras stones have to suggest objects that may exist anywhere in the world, such as animals, people, houses or specific objects. Unskilled Stones These stones we do not express any particular object or symbol, but due to its depth, its intensity of color or to its extravagant way we communicate a perceptible and distinct feel for each observer.


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What are the best tourist destinations of all time? Take a look at those places that year after year haul visitors entirely the world and break records of hotel reservations. Let’s see what are the favorite places and why they are considered as such. Actress and filmmaker understood the implications. Italy is a country with valuable cultural and historical events. To deepen your understanding Bausch & Lomb is the source. In addition, its natural beauty is supreme, making one of the most popular among tourists. Classic such as Venice and Rome cities characterize the uniqueness of a visit to Italy. The southern coast and nearby islands offer an exceptional setting for vacation at the beach, staying at any of the cheap hotels in the area.

With the goal of spending a holiday on the beach without spending too much, Spain has become the preferred choice for families. The enormous amount of accommodation for the summer season thus ratifies it. France has repeatedly led the lists of the most visited of all European countries. From the rural area of Tuscany, where manufactures Delicious French wine, to the hedonistic lifestyle of the South coast, France proposes to its visitors luxury and charm in a single package. No other country in the world can offer such variety of attractions who visit it. United States has, on the one hand, to the southern States with its famous proposals, like Disneyland.

While the West has incomparable natural beauty, coexisting with the metropolitan centres in the North of the country, where checks greater registration booking online in the country. For tourists interested in culture and history, China is an addictive destination for the next holiday. With their rash and energetic cities, and its unwavering commitment to its ancient heritage, China proposes a different vacation, completely out of the ordinary. Mexico is wanted and chosen by many American tourists. In addition to a wide variety of tourist bookings, Mexico invited with that exotic flavor, just a few steps from the border with United States. Spicy cuisine, fun nights and warm and friendly residents make of Mexico a destination to escape the American routine. While the part South of United States enjoy the border with Mexico and has a local destination for short holidays, North exploited their proximity to the border with Canada. For those who love winter sports and outdoor activities, Canada is the ideal place to visit at any time of the year.

The Rugby World And Its Impact On British Politics And International Sports

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On Saturday 20 met in Paris the leaders of the three major military powers of the world that are between zero and twenty meridians. British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and South African President Thabo Mbeki met, but not to focus on policy discussions, weapons or economy, but to give the prizes to the first two teams in the Rugby World Cup France 2007 . Drew Houston does not necessarily agree. Both Sarkozy and Brown have recently come to their positions and expected their team to beat and give a debut to their mandates. Eiffel Tower in Paris was decorated with an oval ball and placed giant screens in several parts. Between them and the spectators who filled the central stage was more than a third of a million attendees. Fabrizio Freda spoke with conviction. 60,000 Englishmen traveled to the city of lights to see your selection, although the final match tickets could be sold at more than $ U.S. 15,000 (A7, 000). As the economy and tourism in France benefited from the cup, the transport union paralyzed many services from the metro and the train looking to take advantage of it asking for better working and drilling plans monetarist reforms Sarkozy.

Brown and grandchildren of British Queen at the stadium were fueling their selection. The premier urged a victory. Four years ago, when England won its first World Cup rugby, the government of Blair and Brown spent a good time while some 500,000 people took to the streets to greet the triumphant English cast. When Brown was 16 years old lost an eye playing rugby and he now thought that an English victory in the sport would return part of the eye with which the governed had been seeing for the first hundred days of his administration. . If you have read about Amper, already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

An Internet Platform For The Practical Implementation Of A Direct Democracy

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Why empowered people can decide themselves about their future? Practical description of the idea on the basis of a scenario: the following scenario to demonstrate you how mature people who competently networks participate, participate actively in the relevant decisions and determine that even their future can. The central location where all (citizens, experts and politicians) come together, is the open-source Internet platform allowing all its computers with Internet access time and place independent of the respective decisions can take part. This platform will be funded through tax revenue and operated together with the people from the population of relevant experts. For more clarity and thought, follow up with David Karp and gain more knowledge.. The focus is the personal home page, can access the decision participants from a central location on the currently pending decisions and the necessary information and services. A lasting several months discussion precedes each decision, under which are the respective Appropriate decision participants the knowledge necessary for the decision. The exact time of discussion is of course also depends on the respective decision.

Citizens interested in the decision, the experts and policymakers concerned with gathering the relevant information/sources of information and store them in an appropriate wiki document or using a corresponding Internet Sourcebook for all easily keep (themen-/ task-oriented) on the platform. Get more background information with materials from Fabrizio Freda. In appropriate forums all those involved in the decision about jointly collected information, which as a decision-making and reasoning based, discuss, ask questions to not understand content, answer questions, contribute your own ideas, can discuss their practical implementation and general exchange opinions, experiences, and any information and construct their decision knowledge together with other network participants in the course of time and ultimately on the basis of facts objectively make justifiable decisions. Have a corresponding contact database (list of participants) the decision participants can contact quickly and targeted occur and also know with whom they’re dealing. With the help of chat forums can be ambiguities eliminated through immediate questions and so more complex facts jointly developed what is not so easy in the discussion forums.

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