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10 Monitoring and change management through the project team, in the sector of human resources and the chosen consultant, must carry out management and control over the progress of the integration, generating reports to the Committee designated to do so, and preferably composed the entire directory, and validating the deliverables main with the professional of renowned or guru every n months. These ten items, to sum up, try to put in manifest the relevant issues to be thought out in a process of acquisition of foreign companies. An important fact, not mentioned, is the select for this daunting task, preferably personnel with multicultural sensitivity (power reflected in the culture of the other), tolerance (accept differences), with power of discernment (differentiate important from what is not) and with holistic vision. 8 Conclusions in this work has been explored, from the meaning of the concept culture, recognition of diversity and the gap that inevitably exists between values, rites, figures, emblems and practices of two Nations. Have examined the consequences of establishing a business relationship between two unlike societies organizations and put the focus in mergers and acquisitions processes, its implication has resulted as well as the strategies that companies use to enter foreign markets and to apply its distinctive modes of management, mainly based on geographic anchor point.

From a life experience, the exemplification and support various research projects and studies, the most explicit contrasts and patents between Brazilian and Argentine culture were, and outlined certain similarities that integration can sustain. As a contribution, showed the importance of the cultural distance as a main factor of impact on the success or failure of trade between countries, the importance of appreciation, consideration, analysis, understanding, quantification and assessment, as keys in the processes of acquisitions and mergers of companies. Presented statistics and polls that mesuraron how a cultural decay can lead to a certain failure in an M & A process. Finally, from the problems typically generated by the potential cultural conflicts, proposed a methodology for quantifying and analyzing the appraisal distances between countries, within the framework of a contribution (draft) of a possible plan of action, synthetic, of ten steps, to the end that can be converted in kickoff of a deeper, scientific debate and according to the needs of the different realities of integration. There is a specific intention of continuing with a more in-depth study on this issue in the medium term, complementing this writing with analysis and measurement in field, taking care to obtain empirical evidence in the professional field and overcoming with greater reading of bibliographic material quoted, the shortcomings and the unknowns detected in the preparation of this first humble attempt. Original author and source of the article.

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