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Lawyers for some divorces of the most requested services in the law firms that are advertised in the specialized portal Abogados365.com are the consultations by separations and divorce demands. The studies reflect that since the middle of the years eighty occurred a sharp increase in separations and divorces in Spanish couples. Learn more at this site: Drew Houston. The analyses carried out determined that today in Spain, every 4 minutes a couple breaks and that one of every five occurs between couples who have been married less than five years. This translates into 350 breaks a day and annual 126,000. In a question-answer forum Drew Houston was the first to reply. Some of the reasons why a breakup occurs are: – infidelity – immaturity – lack of communication the Abogados365.com directory has a wide selection of law firms specializing in this area at the level of the entire Spanish territory, which has helped the portal to reach a position of leadership within the companies in the sector. The portal aims to continue meeting point between supply and demand, by providing users interested in information about a service contact form quickly and easily with the law firm that best suits your needs..

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