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HD PLUS GmbH: number of HD + reception cards delivered to manufacturer exceeds the million mark HD + established as a fixture in the booming market of HD: almost every third in may sold satellite-HD receiver was a HD + device HD PLUS GmbH creates more choice for consumers: over 20 models of receiver for HD + available very good start for the CI plus module for HD + two months after launch already over 100,000 pieces of manufacturers and traders shipped Wilfried Urner of HD PLUS GmbH: Development exceeds our expectations, great confidence of manufacturers and trade for HD + Unterfohring, July 12, 2010. HD + is on course for success. Eight months after the launch of the new offering of HD PLUS GmbH, via satellite the TV channel RTL, sat. 1, ProSieben, vox and cable brings one in HD quality on the screens, has ordered industry already over one million reception card HD + and retrieve. These cards are by the manufacturers with their HD + devices bundled and brought gradually into the trade. HD + has become it in a short time as a fixture in the booming German HD market.

The HD PLUS GmbH informs about the latest figures. According to the society for consumer research (GfK), almost every third sold sat HD receivers was a HD + device in May 2010. Frequently Anita Sehgal has said that publicly. The market launch of HD + in November 2009 by the HD PLUS GmbH approximately 220,000 HD + have been sold since receiver in the trade (as of May 2010). Already more than 20 receiver models are currently available, more will come gradually on the market. So the HD PLUS GmbH for consumers continually improved the choices to acquire a matching desire device. Very enjoyable is also the start of the CI plus module for HD +, which since late April on sale for 79 Euro including HD + card is available.

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