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Over the past decade, our education system has undergone a fairly dramatic changes. First, the law was enacted to introduce the Single State Exam (CSE), which in 2009 became mandatory for graduates All schools in Russia. Second, changes were made in the field of higher education, it now consists of two levels – bachelor's and master's degree. All these changes were met by society is ambiguous, since the system of education, existed since Soviet times, has worked smoothly and successfully for decades, and of course there is a logical question: 'Why do we all need this? ";" What does this leave us? ";" What we lose as a result of these innovations? " Causes of such changes in the set, but I'd bet on the first foreign policy. The fact that in the mid 70-ies, the Council of Ministers of the European Union adopted a resolution on the first program of cooperation in higher education. This event marked the beginning of the so-called 'Bologna process'.

However, the official date is June 19, 1999, when the city of Bologna (Italy) at a special conference of education ministers from 29 European countries signed a declaration entitled 'European Higher Education Area', or 'Bologna Declaration'. This document has allowed European countries to unite their efforts to create a kind of community in education. One of the most important point was to introduce a credit system, the type of ects – the European system of units perezacheta effort. That is, the transition from one institution to another student to read out his watch and balls, which he earned while studying.

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