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Here’s why fail or are not viable in time many methods of advice, counseling, self-help, or as we like to call them. De_manera_que from this, five situations occur to me (there are more, but these in my view are the more indicative), from which, if I recognize them, I can generate 5 good reasons to hire a Coach: 1) I’m not capable of making decisions on how it should proceed, on what actions I have to carry out to achieve my goals, because doing what I always did not get results. (2) Not really which is the problem that prevents me from achieving my goals even though I try to determine it, but failed again and again and not be why. (3) I have what I think is a good idea, a good project, but surely I’m not able to carry it out. I have this big (or simply I won’t be able to this). (4) Often not recognize me in my relationship with people. I speak a diplomatic language and I can’t say what I think because in this world that can not, therefore, costs me ever more I communicate and think that people already do not understand me.

(5) Not I am satisfied with my life and what I do. He enjoyed before this but now not motivates me nothing. Moreover, I am constantly tired and not be the why. The Coach goes to work without advice, without control, without giving recipes. Giving prominence to the real architect of the change, the receiver of the Coaching process, putting a mirror in front of him so that this reformulated beliefs and review approaches. As I read recently on the blog of Jose Miguel Bolivar, the work of the professional coach consists in fact lend their support to improve the capabilities, resources and creativity the client already has.

A professional coach does not say anyone how should manage or manage his life, nor nor what must do or stop doing. Only in this way can be found different ways to carry out actions, to get different results. Ever since the Council or advice. Yes from oneself. That it for the Coach and the Coaching.

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