Life Can Now Finish

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Your life can finish now. The presence of death is here. There is no place to stop on the road. Do you have supplies? We are not owners of the eternally stay with physical life in this dimension where we act, is something that we cannot handle, every minute, hour, day there may be a fact that you can take away life, is unfortunately a reality, to which we must be prepared, and that manifested when one least expects it. Important is to be fully identified if we are really prepared to leave our body, physical vehicle, if we have determined the why we have gone through a pacedera dimension of forms, where everything is transient, in that it is today and while it may be that we are not. Day to day facts, that sometimes arise not from us, but many unknowns, for example, incidental accidents, originate for reasons many times up to fatal, occur not only in our home, in our environment, a fall, a stumble, inappropriate movement, one pipe that explodes, which leads to fractures, wounds, crisis; words, that give rise to anger, control actions that many times not knowing can give way to unfortunate facts.

What is more serious is when earthquakes, disaster unforeseen, characteristic of the nature of the environment in which we operate, are that they lash out with our lives, destroying not only the material, but the lives of many people, as it just happen in Haiti, Chile, for example, where nobody expected what happened, simply manifested itself and the results were catastrophic. People who maybe had recently seen, talked, enjoyed with them, shared time, and already do not manifest themselves more in this dimension, generating its disappearance sadness, grief, suffering, memories. There is some evidence, that other people not corresponded them still leave the flat, however, faced the situation, some until categorized as miracle, as happened in Haiti, where rescued to missing people buried in the rubble, having passed and food several days without moving, without trying, but which were rescued; Since then, shedding test has to affect your Awakening, know to determine the reason for this, as from that day that was integrated with other beings their actions must be different and know the opportunity of living, perhaps in a way very different how we had been living.

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