Melilla Program

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Keep in mind that they are learning many canine behavioral techniques, which in a progressive and constant need of temporary space this continuity, which led by the Network of UNESCO IberoMAB recognition of the Chest and as Method his Course, which will detail the quadrant school, so you can verify that everything is thorough and well detailed to achieve the ultimate objectives prepared (attached document number 8 on the recognition of Red IberoMAB UNESCO). Another highlight another attached document, number 7, where the UNESCO Center of the Autonomous City of Melilla, recognizes the public interest to the Method Chest humanitarian, as well as its course, due inter alia to complete verification and obtaining optimal results after the formation of a Method Course Chest. Inform you that in the next academic year 2008, the ESPA, does not take into account in its annual training program, conducting a Method Course Bunker, and may, at the publication of that training program 2008 to BOJA, contrary to what says (…). Although the program Chest Method Course is defined in full, as you can see is not taught at all, just a mere review of it, they do useless and sterile any formation of a canine team, and in addition also be impossible for a Canine Unit, composed of many teams. That is why any trainer in this field inevitably declines any responsibility to form any computer in very little time, without meeting the training program and quadrant school, perfectly geared to the precise situation involved in the successful formation of this discipline. .

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