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– Then the contour measure introduced frequencies that mimic the effects of a factor. If the human body reacts to this factor, then this factor means to him. In the next stage, slightly amplify the signal, we can determine how significant for the patient, this signal: positive or negative? If negative, then how long? This chronic exposure or acute? As it interacts with other factors? And on the basis of these data has already built up an individual treatment algorithm for this man. ” The device generates a super-weak signals, not exceeding a few nanoamper. They correspond to the frequencies of the human body.

But follow-up task – provide a response signal from the body overall noise – could not resolve several generations of scientists. The noise created as external factors (Radioactivity, electromagnetic fields, toxic exposure, etc.) as well as internal. Select from this background signal produced by any body in response to a diagnostic test the impact could only modern instruments such as aic IMEDIS-Expert. But with all the advantages biorezonanskoy medicine, we must not forget that in the hands of the layman, even the very latest advances in medical technology may be harmful. “The methodology bio-resonance medicine on the human effect of weak signals, but these signals are meaningful to the person, explains Dmitry , the training of physicians working with aic IMEDIS-expert “at the Department of Postgraduate education at the Moscow University of Friendship of Peoples. – You have to understand that even a weak but significant signal for the person can greatly affect his body. Therefore, as important professional doctor working for the instrument. If the reception will have allergies, and you turn on the frequency of histamine – a substance that causes allergies – it is directly in the session start to sneeze. If you come postinfarction patient can not include the frequency of myocardial infarction. There certain rules, algorithms for different patients. Adverse effects are possible with any instrument. It has long been used in medical ultrasound device or an X-ray also carry the potential risk: with their help, too, as you can diagnose and irradiate.

You made a man an X-ray light, and he then fell ill with lung cancer. Because you have it at the same time irradiated, and this small dose was the last straw in synthesis of his illness. It is no coincidence participants of liquidation of consequences of Chernobyl are contraindicated X-ray studies, and even fluorography. To minimize the extra radiation they show just bioresonance diagnosis and therapy. At the same time, radiotherapy is useful for onkologcheskih patients requiring radioactive load. As for the brt (bio-resonance therapy), the direct contra- application it has, including age. No accident that among clients in wellness and rejuvenation of man in Moscow as popular children’s diagnosis, diagnostic preschoolers. However, to carry out bio-resonance diagnosis, as well as bio-resonance therapy, should be certified specialist, clearly presents the algorithm used aic IMEDIS-Expert. Thus, do not you and not a doctor at their discretion to decide what is harmful or good for your body. Criterion in the selection process of various procedures and drugs is your own body. He is always ready to give you a signal: it is harmful or helpful? Need only to ask him.

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