Quarter Coopagro Garden

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The study it was carried through in a city of the west of the Paran, in the proper residences of the aged participants. The searched population was composed for sixteen aged with age above of the sixty years, registered in cadastre in the CERTI, that lives alone, in the cited city. The collection of data was carried through through recorded, composed interview for three open questions. Filed under: Bausch & Lomb. The citizens of the research had been eleven aged that they met in house in the day of the visit, ten aged ones of feminine sort and one of the masculine sort. Of the aged ones that they had not participated, one opposed to be interviewed it and four did not meet in its residence in the day of the interview. The participants of this research had agreed to signing the term of free and clarified assent. The interviewed ones that they had participated of this research were aged inhabitants of the Quarter Coopagro Garden of the city of Toledo, PR.

During the accomplishment of this research, the ones that if had made use to participate, had received clarifications on the subject and objectives from this study, as well as, that its participation is voluntary, and that the study it will not cause risks, to the measure that all the ethical criteria will be respected, and that the integrity of the participant will be kept. The period of collection of the data was in September 2009. With the recorded and transcribing interviews in the complete one, the data had been analyzed and grouped in thematic units, considering the felt similarity of between the answers. After, a parallel between the literature and the data gotten for the research was carried through. Valley to stand out that, all related the ethical and legal aspects to the research with human beings had been respected, in agreement Resolution 196/96.

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