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Scope: BAC InfrTrust 8 best Fund in the sector of infrastructure yields AA/highly rated – value at risk is 0% – gives G.U.B. top grade +++ / very good Berlin, 03.05.2010. The BAC Berlin Atlantic capital receives 8 very high marks from analysts for the BAC InfrTrust. The renowned Ratinghaus scope the current infrastructure fund of the BAC with the touch of BBB/above average “rated. The BAC InfrTrust 8 left the competition behind it like its predecessor in the segment infrastructure. “The rating agency G.U.B the BAC received for their current mutual funds with +++ / very good” the best possible rating.

“The infrastructure fund of the BAC, which invests in the growth market of US mobile wireless infrastructure, AA/very high the note of scope in terms of expected return”, the volatility estimates the rating company with BB/average “a. The documented specific experience of the BAC in the investment sector is infrastructure according to scope as very high”to be classified. Against the backdrop of local presence and the experience of the people involved the necessary know-how can be provided”, the assessment of the scope is. The security-oriented approach, the BAC InfrTrust 8, is reflected in the ratings: according to the once the break-even probability (zero-loss probability) is over 99%. The value at risk, which is the maximum possible loss in 99 per cent of all calculated scenarios over the life of the Fund, amounts to zero percent. Also at the rating agency G.U.B.

the BAC InfrTrust 8 cut off superbly. “With +++ / very good” received the BAC for their current mutual funds the best possible rating. Particularly positive the experience of BAC in infrastructure funds and the presence assessed as G.U.B. as well as the incentives for the management by an agreement of the success. The sale proceeds to fund maturity appear realistic, appropriately the projected rental scenario. We are proud that we have achieved 8 again to positive reviews with the BAC InfrTrust”, so BAC CEO Oliver Schulz. “This shows the relevance of our present of place in the U.S. market as well, that our infrastructure fund with his personal character and inflation protection meets the spirit of the time.” The German-American Emissionshaus BAC Berlin Atlantic capital GmbH (BAC) specializes in investments in the US market in the area of mobile communications infrastructure. The owner-managed company with 80 employees in Berlin and Atlanta offers German investors with investment opportunities in one of the most attractive growth markets in the world. The Group counts 25 in the US market as a developer and operator of mobile phone masts to the top. The underwriter founded in 2004 initiated 20 participation offers until the end of 2009 as a whole, in which around 10,000 investors with over EUR 250 million have participated. Four investment deals have been resolved successfully.For more information,

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