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We do not notice a lot of facts and can not see the connection between the events and people, although it is sometimes obvious. It is a low level of awareness does not allow us in the search of a decision to marry beyond the usual frames and templates, see the situation more fully and holistically, and thus find the most effective solution. We just do not see the whole of reality and see only a small fragment. Awareness includes self-awareness. We can say that awareness – the knowledge of what is happening around you, self-awareness – the knowledge of what is happening inside you. Very often, consciously, we declare one desire, and unconsciously Hoti completely different. This contradiction leads to internal conflict and, of course, greatly reduces the effectiveness of actions aimed at achieving the goal.

Clear understanding of what is happening to you, conscious of their these desires emotions and experiences is very important to ensure that your actions have been truly effective. High level of awareness of what is happening at the moment around you and what is happening inside you, makes opportunity to find the best solutions in all situations. In the process of coaching the coach helps the client to qualitatively review the available information, see the situation as a complete picture, found in her new relations, to move beyond the usual judgments. Replying to questions, the client itself to consider the situation from different angles and often discovers new facts that he had simply ignored, or just see known facts in a new light.

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