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We are sometimes asked Council to buy a hair straightener. As one who says, there are four things you should keep in mind.There are basically two types of plates. Details can be found by clicking Dropbox or emailing the administrator. Metal plates: tend to be very heavy and uncomfortable.They too hot, and they can damage the hair.They are cheaper, but they are practically not traded since compared with the ceramic there is no color.Lighter ceramica:son plates.The heat is distributed better.The temperature is variable.Best glide.They are now commonly used.Within these, there are many variations (or pijaditas): ion or tourmaline: hair is brighter and eliminates electrostatic charge.Titanium coating.With infrarrojosCon ozone.With expulsion of micropores humedadCon systems, etc.Many of these features serve only to get new products to market. There are other much more important characteristics that we must bear in mind when buying one or the other.To have in cuentEl price is important. If we think that we will use very sporadically, not We are interested to spend much money on it. If its use is frequent, it is worth making the investment by a quality iron.That the shop where buy it offers you guarantees. If you asses your hair, forget Oriental shops and bazaars.That the cable is rotating. You will prevent the creation of messes in the cable.That the size is adequate. A medium-size would be more suited to have at home…That the maximum temperature is reached quickly.Not be very heavy.That the plates are perfectly aligned.Have auto power off function. Very useful if you have children, the food is in the oven and on top they knock at the door.It is always important to use before any protective porducto hair.I hope you find it helpful.

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