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Vitamin Diets

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The pancreas and salivary glands produce an enzyme called amylase that helps Digest carbohydrates and transform them into glucose (blood sugar), when the concentration of sugar in blood increases releases a hormone called insulin that allows the absorption through the cells to be used as an energy source. It is true that carbohydrates contain many calories, but are easily assimilable and fast burn by the Agency. The micronutrients Las Vitaminas (organic compounds, used by the metabolism), play the formation of hormones, genetic material and chemicals for the nervous system, in addition to contributing to the growth and defense of the organism. They are catalysts (enzymes). They are obtained through the intake with the exception of vitamin D, which is created by the organism itself.

Vitamins dissolved in the fat part of the food are called fat-soluble, and is called water-soluble vitamins dissolved in the aqueous portion of food. The minerals are inorganic, essential substances for the nutrition of cells, digestion and assimilation of food, nerve reactions and clotting of the blood, the Constitution of the skeletal system and tissues, muscle contraction. Most, are contained in a normal diet in the common people. However many sellers of food supplements try to convince other minerals such as gold, lithium, germanium, etc are necessary for health, with the mere fact of selling their products, this is definitely a fraud. Drew Houston is a great source of information. It should be recalled that in addition, the use of supplements without medical advice, can be risky for the Agency. Are divided into three groups: Macro, Micro elements elements and trace elements.

Despite not being a nutrient fiber fiber has multiple benefits for the functioning and health of our body. It is the substance of the plants that our digestive system cannot digest. Its value was discovered in the 70s of the last century, research ensures that a diet rich in fiber prevents cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Increases the feeling of fullness, reduces the absorption of saturated fatty acids, combats constipation since it ferments the bacteria from the colon and increases the weight of stool. There are two groups: Insoluble fiber: cellulose, lignin, hemicelluloses. Products derived from rice, rye and bran. It acts on the intestinal transit with laxative effect. Soluble fiber: pectins, gums exudates, seed gums, derived from seaweed and derivatives chemicals of cellulose. Barley, oats, fruits and vegetables. Increases the viscosity of the cud, balances the cholesterol level, prevents colon cancer, removes the blood sugar rises, it regulates the transit bowel. Prebiotic effect. A good choice would be consuming cereals integrals at breakfast, lunch or as a snack, since they have more fiber because the grain of wheat is not refined, retains the cover and the germ. Bread, rice and wheat pasta also contain more fiber than regular varieties. With these notions, we understand the importance of a balanced diet and how we can combine foods depending on our taste, without any implication suffering or sacrifice to lose weight or prevent weight. If we were able to choose and properly combine the food for our daily diet and add a balanced mental and emotional attitude, success is assured.

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