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Security Services

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Few remember the days when it was possible to tell without fear of his friend recently bought a TV or share the joy with the neighbor about purchasing new furniture. In the idle power, the political games and changing economic environment, mainly in life for all of us is the safety of our loved ones. Common feature was the intercom, as a more subtle alternative to the combination lock, with uncomplicated a combination of whom are familiar not only live in the home, but also their various acquaintances, friends and colleagues. Intercom system is at its level, open the lock when entering a similar combination, containing not only numbers but also letters that makes the penetration of unexpected guests into the entrance of the house is almost impossible to get (an earlier version of this unit). And has an intercom feature: the front door is unlocked only when the landlord where you call, he will admit you.

Install intercoms as well as their services – a vast niche market, which is daily growing. Protecting homes Altonika – it brooks no fuss. Especially if you live in your own house, where neighbors live through the stairwell, and, at least, over the fence. Then, already in place and fire alarm systems, and radio security and surveillance, and sometimes – and physical security. It turns out, the protection of private houses means not only protection from thieves, but also the elimination of ignition.

Often the installation of CCTV, as well as designing fire alarm – a service offered by one organization with a broad profile of the security services. The development of fire Security includes a number of measures aimed at improving the degree of protection of your family and your property. Among such measures stand a survey facility for fire and technical condition, examination of the implementation of optimal measures of protection, as well as installation of equipment for both the prevention and elimination of existing fires. Video surveillance is almost the most common security services. Specialists for both large organizations and small shops CCTV installation is done without undue problems. Wireless security system until a novelty, but be that as it may begin gain popularity among the customers due to their own ergonomics, mobility and functionality.