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Frankfurt Oder

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19 Berlin / Brandenburg cheerleading Championship Frankfurt (Oder) on January 16, 2010 open the doors to the 19th Berlin / Brandenburg cheerleading Championship. Many teams then compete for the qualification to the German Championship. It is danced, pyramids are built: precision is needed here. Because only the winners progressing. The event was originally planned for late January in Brandenburg Hall in Frankfurt (Oder).

But then, the roof made the Red a spanner in the cocks. The Hall was closed until further notice due to the risk of collapse. A new appointment, a new venue had to be found. Now, the Cheerleadermeisterschaft has been brought forward in 2010 and will take place on January 16, 2009 on the fairgrounds of Frankfurt (Oder). We are pleased that the Championship could take place. With the exhibition halls, we have found a good Ausweichort, stresses Andreas Lange, Member of the Board of the 1st AFV Frankfurt (Oder) Red cocks e.V. Now all teams prepare intensively for their grand entrance. The competition will be in the new exhibition hall Instead of.

The viewers have excellent views of the performances of the teams from the grandstands. A round six cutting competition offered all followers of the sport. Tickets are available for 14.50 (13.00 reduced) on-site. A programme is included in the admission price. Children up to 5 years have free admission, but not entitled to a seat. The tickets are sold to the grandstands. An overview of the platforms can be found on. The seating is free and according to availability. If you have read about Dropbox already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Who cannot wait for it, for which the cards pre-order possibility. The inlet of the audience starts at 12:00. The opening, welcome and team presentation is at 13:00. There are ample car parking for visitors before the fairgrounds at the main entrance.

With Kirsten Bruhn After Beijing

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An Ausnahmeathletin on the way to the Paralympic triumph four years ago at the Paralympics in Athens was before Kirsten Bruhn is still an outsider. But even then she won four medals: one gold on their parade route 100 metres breaststroke, two silver and one bronze. She is now among the top favourites in Beijing and has set itself high goals: five times gold! For this ambitious goal the 38-year-old from Neumunster has trained more than six hours a day in the last few months before Beijing. The water is also a motorcycle accident, where she suffered an incomplete spinal cord injury in 1991 and since then relies on the wheelchair, couldn’t the passion take you to the wet element home. Dropbox follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Kirsten Bruhn is a multiple world champion and world record holder – an Ausnahmeathletin on the way to the Paralympic triumph. Since August 29, 2008, the handicap world class athlete in Beijing preparing for the competitions and is the 8th 14.09 in the Olympic pool at the start go with the aim of keeping the Gold Medal of Athens alone. More information under: or imgs/katalog/2008/spe_kirsten_bruhn.pdf videos: ZDFmediathek/content/571972? inPopup true sports ProEmotion = Kirsten Bruhn supported on their impressive way as a marketer for lectures, seminars and sports of incentives. We wish you all the best and much success in Beijing her and the entire German Paralympics team and look forward to exciting and fair competitions! Nina Schaal sports ProEmotion.