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Financial Statements

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New hires and quarterly financial statements on schedule Frankfurt a. M., April 29, 2009 with the fulfilment of a plan of more than 100 percent in the first quarter, Projectplace, European market leader in Web-based project management and team work, also in times of crisis prevailed. We say no to the crisis, commented Alexandra Muschelknautz, Germany Chief of the Swedish software provider, the successful completion of the quarter. New hires as a signal bad economic forecasts, expected at project place also for the coming quarters an increase of in sales. That is why we have brought us two sales professionals on board”, says Muschelknautz. From the beginning of the year Sylvia heard an experienced sale force Friday, to the team.

Since March a former Netviewer salesperson, the Projectplace team supports and Markus Kami. Friday and clear man bring years of experience from the software sales. Already now we can say that the two perfectly complement our team”, sums up Muschelknautz. If you observed individuals or corporate license at project place, that in particular the flexibility and pricing will influence the decision in favor of Projectplace. “As a SaS provider, we have unbeatable advantages for our customers especially in economically difficult times: the costs are scalable, there is no long term contract and our product helps to optimize complex projects within a very short time”, so Muschelknautz. The sales team is targeted marketing investments supported by a variety of marketing activities. At project place, one acts deliberately counter-cyclically and apparently with success. So are planned for the coming months of online campaigns on IT portals, as well as ads in trade magazines.

Projectplace GmbH Alexandra Schmidt Public Relations Western port 1 60327 Frankfurt a. M. Tel: 0049 / 69 710 456 264 mobile: 0049 / 162 / 29 17 246 email: since 1998 develops and operates Projectplace international from Europe’s leading Web-based project management solution. Projectplace improves efficiency and simplifies the collaboration in the project as well as the communication within the team. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, has offices in Norway, Denmark, United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands and Germany. The online service is available in seven languages.

Active Logistics Products

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Cost alternatives at a glance: software specialist usage model presents the active logistics product active BIC (business management with key performance indicators) also under a pay-per-use licensing model is available since end of 2012. With this new billing system, users can flexibly scale the cost and avoid high initial investments, because only active users and the actually-used functions are computed. After the first months of use the classic license – and consumption-oriented cost of use of price alternatives, active logistics makes now transparent with a consumption model identified in the practice. More products to follow. “Herdecke, 30 may 2013 – our flexible pay-per-use licensing model is an attractive alternative for companies that would not give up high-quality business intelligence tools in times of high fixed costs”, explains active logistics Managing Director Werner Habryka: just because these tools provide visibility into costs.

But many companies want the relatively high initial costs of a classical license model for such Avoid tools. Therefore they have hesitated so far in deploying BI tools.” This, the pay-per-use licensing model is a perfect answer: it ideally adapts itself to companies, which are characterized by particularly volatile job positions. Just when here departments personnel quickly raised or reduced if necessary, must be, they benefit from the variable billing of the cost of ownership. The model has advantages both for small and medium-size enterprises as well as large companies. So there are in large companies often many report recipients, each attempting to enter at the beginning of the month on reports and users who use the instruments of planning during the planning phase of the budget. “A classical license model, the company would have to purchase many licenses otherwise the danger would be that many users out of license’ run”, explains Werner Habryka. However, each user also at peak times on the solution can be accessed with the pay-per-use model.

Former Altiris Head

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Leading German IT management provider wants to in United States faster Isenburg / Atlanta 30 June 2009 Matrix42, leading German supplier of IT services and systems management solutions, grow new Shane Eliason has appointed the President of its American regional company. In this role, Eliason is responsible for the entire business from Matrix42 in North and Latin America. Edgar comes from the international software maker of Altiris. Here he led the overall sales for America, including the public sector, and partnerships with leading system integrators. The Altiris areas responsible by him under his leadership managed to increase sales by $ 10 million to $135 million. Through these experiences, he is the designated expert in IT service and systems management market, the CEO of Matrix42 has been looking for, to start in the United States, and to accelerate sustainable growth in the world’s largest software market. I come to Matrix42, because the solution vision of the company inspires me”, describes his Eliason Reasons to switch to Matrix42.

As in the past, I find a spirit of optimism and product strategy at Matrix42, which has the potential to alter the IT service and systems management market. This process I want to with my experience support.”Edgar is first choice. He has been working for more than twenty years very successfully in the US IT market and knows that when it comes to IT services or systems management”, says Herbert Uhl, CEO of Matrix42 AG. Optimal conditions for the tasks he has to deal with as President of our American subsidiary Matrix42 Inc. are.” Prior to his role at Altiris, Eliason gained experience in the sales departments of IBM, Simon and Schuster, and Peregrine. In addition, he helped four American software Start-Up company to success. He has extensive knowledge in the area of modern distribution structures, knows the challenge of selling complex software applications and you know how a sales team sustained sales growth achieved. Eliason has reached in his previous professional life with corporations such as Boeing, Honeywell, United Airlines, Intel or Wells Fargo”impressive degrees, Uhl is white.

He can convince key opinion leaders and decision makers of companies and inspired abilities that will greatly help Edgar in his current position as head of the American Matrix42.” Press contact-Schmidt Communications GmbH Alexandra Schmidt Schiller Street 8 D-85521 Otto Banta b. Munich Tel: 0049 / 89 / 60 66 92 22 E-mail: image material and other information found on the Internet at. Matrix42 Matrix42 is the German market leader for integrated service and systems management. The solution portfolio from Matrix42 IT managers and administrators to perform optimally and cost-effectively their IT management. Set the highly integrative products both to the service management, i.e. the business figure from IT service orders, and the technical implementation of system management tasks. With more than 1500 customers worldwide are over 3 million clients in use. Well-known companies such as T-systems, Deutsche Post, Lufthansa rely on solutions from Matrix42 system or ZDF. Since 2008, Matrix42 is a company of the Asseco group, which is among the largest European software companies with over 8500 employees and a market capitalization of around 1.2 billion euros.

Windows XP

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Exempt from finest details and made easy Poing, Munich 06.April 2011 – Franzis transparent objects with the new photo clipping software offers pixxsel CutOut 3.0 another tool for the photographic image editing. Understand functions and intuitive to use, the software allows rapid success. Beginners runs an initial threshold taken and directly provided instructional and instructional videos for successful processing of photos and installation functions. The new pixxsel CutOut 3.0 impresses with its precise exemption of objects, distance disturbing motif details or photos to be processed. Automatic contour detection CutOut 3.0 includes as well a powerful chroma-key function. The masking function allows free of particularly difficult details in a few minutes, such as hair or blurry and fuzzy edges.

With a new background create a completely new image or optional subjects, so it can be used for more photo montages. Disturbing image details can simply retouched out and automatically be replaced with environment details, as if they were never there. In just a few steps, the software allows working out of main motifs, which perfectly come with a soft background provided. pixxsel CutOut 3.0 is a stand-alone software for Windows operating systems. The software also provides an added convenience by it in Photoshop, Photoshop elements and other Photoshop plugin compatible image editing programs as PlugIn directly in the workflow integrates. pixxsel CutOut 3.0 is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7, and at a price of EUR 69.00 as German box version now in stores or available through as a box and download. About pixxsel CutOut 3.0, the program uses traditional mask, as well as the famous chroma. Easy-to-use tools in pixxsel CutOut 3.0 allow also to beginners the cropping of difficult subjects. The indoor and outdoor mapping can so exactly blurred border motifs, such as hair or smoke detail be cut out. Disturbing elements in photos, people in the background, birds in the sky or passing cars as well as image errors are easily worked out in pixxsel CutOut 3.0.

Office Version

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The document management software for all employees within a company, now with even more features! DMS-light as a multi-user documents management software meets all requirements for an effective and intuitive document management. Now available the new version 2.10 for downloading. As most essential innovation, it is now possible to maintain a version history with change comments on the individual versions. As improvements to a backup are now available, the location of the drop directory is freely selectable and the import of information data from Office documents is possible. New records can be only in the Edit menu allows”mutates. This measure should help to amend accidental records during document searches to avoid. Management software to help you get started in the documents, a sample database is attached, and there are videos that show the use of the most important functions in just a few minutes from the Help menu.

He won at all extensions “Focus kept unchanged on a simple and intuitive interface, so that the use of the document management DMS-light for rare users” remains still easily. The new version can be loaded as demo version ..test download under. It is fully functional and is identical to the full version. The installation requires no specialist knowledge, it must only be a ZIP file unpacked are. The documents can be associated with different classes, projects, authors, and customers and describe the contents briefly with DMS-light. With available full-text search, retrieving documents is easy and fast. Selected documents can be opened directly from the DMS-light, or it can be copied. More information can be found under.

DocuManager SCHEMA

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Mature quality management increases satisfaction scheme Nuremberg, October 20, 2011. The SCHEMA GmbH has received the documentation of the award this year. With the price, the Association distinguishes tekom good instructions and operating instructions for consumer and capital goods, as well as online support for software products. During a festive opening during the tekom annual Conference, Heidrun Kisch, responsible employee for documentation of SCHEMA GmbH, accepted the award. SCHEMA has gained for the first time the coveted documentation award of tekom. Basically, has high demands on the quality of their products as well as the customer service and employee training scheme and introduced a quality management system in 2005. Since then so the feedback of users increased customer satisfaction continuously and measurably. The XML-based editorial systems of SCHEMA GmbH support customers among others in the creation of user manuals for software products.

That the company knows exactly how a beneficial Online help for a software product should be written and structured, including the help of rich clients to the SCHEMA DocuManager occupies. These scores mainly by a high comprehensibility of the text and clear structure. It provides context-sensitive matching help texts to all functions. To complement the user in the form receives practical instructions from scenarios described. The individual help texts are stored with cross references, with which the user can easily navigate through the comprehensive help. Also included is a comprehensive dictionary that explains important terms and basic concepts relating to the DocuManager.

With the documentation of the award we have received a great award, which shows that we are right with our high quality”, says Stefan Freisler, Managing Director of SCHEMA GmbH. SCHEMA has high demands on the quality of their products, customer service and employee training basically.

Electronic Invoicing

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Competence center electronic invoice management Bielefeld is located in the VOI e.V., 01.08.2012 – 17 July 2012 the OXSEED stock company with five other member companies of the VOI has the competence center electronic invoice Management Association for organization and information systems”(CC EIM). Current event is the final amendment of the VAT application decree facilitating the electronic invoicing (BMF letter of July 2, 2012). Against this background, it is the aim of the competence center, professionally prepared questions in the field of the electronic invoice management and to make recommendations for architectures, interfaces and concepts of operation or to develop appropriate definitions. Operational invoice management belongs to the top management processes in companies of all sizes. This can reduce costs in the amount of 1-2% of its turnover if they switch from paper-based to electronic and automated invoice processes. The simplification resulting from the new legislation in the e-invoicing offers an important prerequisite.

In this context, there are still many unresolved issues, as the processing of invoices in the future can look in practice. To give the correct answers, the CC-EIM was designed as Forum and Exchange platform for users, solution providers and consultants who can work together and share experiences. Marcus Hartmann, CEO of OXSEED AG and head of the competence center: Various institutions and initiatives deal in German-speaking countries with partial aspects of the electronic invoice management; so far succeeded but no grouping, this topic comprehensively and across to deal with from the creation of the electronic output invoice in the invoice sender to the archiving of the paid invoice in the invoice recipient.” In future, this expertise is bundled in the CC-EIM. The establishment of the Panel within the VOI is so consistently, that the management of bills in the first place is a discipline of the Document management is. Like any other institution, the VOI offers through its members”currently as much technical know-how on the subject of documents into business processes. At the same time, the CC-EIM will maintain close contact with other initiatives, institutions, and communities of interest in the field of electronic invoice processing, Hartmann announced. Interested parties are cordially invited to participate in the CC-EIM.

Soon the competence center will issue a first white paper on the topic, electronic invoice management is also in the preparation of a comprehensive compendium”the end of 2012. Still, the Panel will contribute to the definition of a standard format for the structured exchange of invoices, especially against the background of the requirements of the BMF letter regarding the readability of electronic invoices. Founding members of the CC-EIM are VOI members Hans Baumeister, Senior Manager of business development of BancTec GmbH, Axel Janhoff, Managing Director of Mentana Claimsoft GmbH, Peter of Obi, Director of partner marketing at i.r.i.s. AG, Jorg Rogalla, head of ECM at the C: 1 Solutions GmbH and Jan Soose, Board member of the FMI e.V.; Marcus Hartmann, Executive Board of OXSEED Aktiengesellschaft in charge, his representative takes Jorg Rogalla.

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