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State Trailers

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Trailers special, transporting giraffes by trailers as giraffes are famous for their extraordinarily long necks (which allow them to reach higher and tender axles leaves) and their long front legs (which are much longer than the hind). It is for this reason it is essential that intended for special trailers is designed enable and improve the road transport of giraffes. Kaihan Krippendorff has compatible beliefs. The first and foremost is caring for every detail of the trailers to the maximum, so that in addition to suit the needs of any type of animal transport, provide an easy handling on road and are completely stable; optimizing both driver and cargo safety. Custom trailers have ensure maximum reliability, therefore it is suitable to work with materials of first quality. Horses trailers recalled that what we try to obtain with an adapted design is that the trailer will provide a comfortable and comfortable space, so you have to take into account its special physical characteristics, as the of the giraffe, in this case in particular. This will prevent that the welfare of these unique animals be prejudiced when performing any type of journey which involves the use of a special trailer. Occasionally transport can even cause a State of uneasiness and nervousness, which is possible to be translate in traumatological or respiratory problems. In our country the manufacturing of custom trailers and road transport of animals have greatly improved in recent years. Also, you most consider the importance for the health and well-being of animals a trailer with a good design and that adapts to the needs of each one, providing both to him as the driver of the motor vehicle carrying special trailer, a stable and secure path. Source: Press release sent by Alice.

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