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If you bet to get the basic skills of motorcycle and you are not afraid obvious problems of quality and trouble to repair, and financial resources are severely limited, should pay attention to the Chinese replicas. More experienced riders who already have experience of managing a sports bike strongly recommend that you select from Minicoy of the Italian industry, in the sum of these bikes a little bit easier and cheaper to maintain, as well as safer and more powerful, still affects the difference in the professionalism engineers. In future minimotosporta in Russia has a great future: for the second year was successfully held national championship, cups of cities, there are clubs and teams. It is not surprising in a country with not the most favorable climate for Open everyday racing, minimoto is perfect for small indoor karting tracks, which allows year-round to hone skills in the most positive control of the vehicle in the history of mankind – motorcycle! Which claims over the horizon not only matter but also the soul, causing a storm of emotion, adrenaline and nor incomparable delight. Who knows, maybe you will find a great career motorcycle racer, make your choice, get the owner minibike and achieve success. Valentino Rossi, Max Biaggi, Loris Capirossi, Dayzhiro Kato – once they became champions in minimotosporte These super-professionals once chose it in favor of minimototsiklov. Exactly participate in and win the minimoto gave them an impetus to develop and become champions and winners of more powerful classes of motor sport, such as MotoGP and SuperBike, to become the world’s legends.

For three years the company Only-bike is the exclusive representative minimoto DM Telai in Russia and the CIS, which allows avoiding the intermediary chain, successfully deliver minimototsikly and spare parts directly from Italy. Not far off on the contract with BZM profitable delivery of spare parts that make them more available. Professionals working in companies such as Alex Fedyakov know about minimoto all and more, you can always count on their help, support and advice. Come on carting companies and you will be convinced that Small in size, minimototsikly have excellent potential and a unique distinguishing features, unique to this class of motorcycles. Minimoto no one can remain indifferent, we see it every year on their faces Fans who come to see, and then take part in races on the minibike.

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