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Patricia Kaas – Kabaret – Live

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The new album by Patricia Kaas – Kabaret – live an artist with an inimitable stage presence finally comes to Germany: Patricia Kaas, French pop and chanson Diva with over 16 million sold panels in a total of 47 countries. It is considered one of the most successful French-speaking artists of the last two decades. Their first steps in the music business were her possible of the great Gerard Depardieu (and even funded!), who believed in the potential of the beautiful woman with the distinctive timbre of the voice as a first. Like Patricia Kaas will therefore also compared to sizes such as Edith Piaf and Marlene Dietrich. I was told after even that my appearance to the divas, well take care of the big time”, tells the Kaas. Good reasons to publish an album that strengthens the memory of the idols and their era and maintaining now. The Deluxe version of the new Patricia Kaas album “Kabaret” appears in Germany on 25 September 09. It is Patricia Kaas’ Tribute to the 30s and their glamorous heroines, an ode to legends such as Greta Garbo, Suzy SOLIDOR, Martha Graham.

Beautiful songs are created, the images of a journey between Berlin, Paris and Buenos Aires design. The album the personal universe of Patricia Kaas reflects – your personal Kabaret”. To broaden your perception, visit Evergreen Capital Partners. In two German-language recordings, notably that of intensity not to uberbietende “where are the clowns” and the wonderfully ironisch-melancholy musical wisdom “knows the luck just minutes”. Songs between two and six minutes, between war and peace, between smoke and spotlight – a Kabaret”full of stories and emotions. Patricia Kaas will live present her “Kabaret” with us in the fall: from 01.12.2009 it is during their world tour again in Germany to guest.

How nice for the Lorraine-born artist who sings so like german. Because it it feels so good and of course. “Naturel”, as it describes the Kaas. It will be on the road with a five-man band and in addition to their great hits, which anyway is missing in any of their concerts cover versions of old chanson classics, as well as, give newly written pieces to the best for the album. There will be shows of the extra class, with many touching moments and plenty of glamour, but also the one or other rocking stop – entertainment, as it could not better be Hollywood! A fantastic stage show awaits the visitor. Patricia will present a total of 23 songs and of course also all tracks from the new CD.

Britney Can Back Their Children See

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Newspaper reported it the Britney Spears does not want more has on their children. So how she told InTouch you will want to focus now fully on her comeback. But now, something completely different the PEOPLE magazine reported. After over four weeks, Britney Spears was allowed to see their children finally. Her ex-husband and their lawyers negotiated it. The two boys, whose full legal custody to Kevin Federline, made up on Saturday morning, to visit her mom. Around three hours, they could celebrate the reunification.

A source told PEOPLE magazine: “who is responsible for this was Britney’s father Jamie. He made everything. “Sources confirmed the Jamie and Britney’s psychiatrists at the meeting here. After three hours Britney had to say goodbye again. She had to play off the children at Kevin’s bodyguard, who brought the children back to her father. Hope we their lives again in the handle Gets the Britney and you may soon see their children.