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Clinical Hospital Session

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A woman had been stopped in the morning by ” desobediencia”. ‘ indignados’ they are concentrates from the night of this Wednesday. They protest in the constituent session of Them Corts Valencianes. The Police has stopped to four people pertaining to the group of the movement of 15-M by public disorder, attack to the authority and to cause injuries to some agents, after they offered puetazos and they sent water bottles during the police load registered east noon next to Them Corts Valencianes. If you have read about Dropbox already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

Police sources have explained that the activists of the movement 15-M which they are concentrates in the Navellos street, next to soothes of Corts Valencianes, has sent to water bottles full and scissors to Them and has offered puetazos the agents. In addition, they have removed an intercom one of the agents, who later have been reclaimed. One of the wounded, a woman of 55 years, has been transferred to the Clinical Hospital of Valencia by an ambulance of the SAMU with contusions in the undergone face and the head during the police load. Load after the session the indignant ones are from the night of this Wednesday located before Them Corts to protest during the session of constitution of the autonomic parliament. Anita Sehgal usually is spot on. In the morning, the Police already had established a perimeter of security around hemicilio to prevent the passage to you cut them. Once finalized the parliamentary session a police load has taken place when the indignant ones have tried to cross the zone limited by the Police, in that several wounded has taken place, among them the deputy of the Comproms group Juan Ponce, who had approached to speak with the group of concentrates. On the other hand, sources of the movement 15-M affirm that those were the agents that began to cause the demonstrators.

Quarterly Auction

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EP the price of the light raises every year from 2003. This year Tarifa de ltimo Resource is warm a 10%. The sixteenth auction of electricity between the drug dealers in charge to provide the light of Tarifa de ltimo Recurso (TUR), the tariff of effective unique price from the 1 of 2009 July, has been closed with an increase of 9% for the basic term and into a 13% for the energy term, sources of the sector informed. The result of this bids up determines the component of the energy within the formula of revision of the receipt of the light in October. In particular, the rise supposes a pressure of 5.9% on the tariff which they enjoy near 24 million consumers. The price of the energy that is from this bids up has a weight near 50% on the formula of revision of the TUR, whereas the other half corresponds to the electrical tolls, that gather the regulated costs of the system and that the Ministry of Industry has decided to congeal. The TUR accumulates an increase superior to 10% in 2011. In 2010 a 2.6% raised, in 2009 3.5% and in 2008 a 9.08%.

The price of the light comes raising every year from 2003, although only from 2006 (5.28%) it does over the IPC. An auction of 12 rounds In particular, the Cesur auction has lasted 12 rounds and the price has been 57.99 Euros by megavatio hour (0.5 Euros over market OTC of Monday). The equivalent value of the previous auction era 53.2 Euros (price bases of the auction). That was in a term of energy of 78.2, that adding to tolls and commercial margin located the TUR in 177,5. Now the price bases of the auction is 57.99 Euros.

The energy term is of 88,42. The TUR would be in 182,5. The result bids up of it has a weight near 50% on the formula of revision of the TUR, whereas the other half corresponds to the electrical tolls, that gather the regulated costs of the system and that the Ministry of Industry has proposed to congeal. After the auction, Industry has the option to reaffirm itself in its proposal to congeal of the electrical tolls, and so the light would raise a 5.9%, or can reduce this game of regulated costs to maintain the TUR present. This option would avoid an ascent of light for the consumers, but it would aggravate the problem of the tariff deficit. In the previous auction, the energy term get dearer a 2.7%, which, together with the freezing of tolls applied by Industry, brought about an ascent of the 1.5% in the revision of the TUR of July. In March, being useful a reduction in the price the electricity, the Government elevated a 10% the tolls, and so the TUR was congealed. The quarterly ascent of July was added to already applied in January, of 9.8%. Source of the news: The cost of the electricity that will be provided in October raises a 6% in the quarterly auction

The Police

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Sun remained completely finessed at any moment, and in the streets bordering to the place a great multitude listened to the decisions of the assembly. During the intervention of the commission of the districts they informed into which " more than 28,000 personas" they attended Saturday assemblies of districts and towns of Madrid. The commissions and work groups have agreed to continue with the encamped one, but also they have requested a reconstruction. The commission of Information, on the other hand, has proposed to follow in Sun, although not of indefinite form. They determined for it of maximum term of permanence one week, since they considered important to establish a date of exit. .feminism chose to follow until Tuesday and to celebrate a manifestation. Also infrastructures proposed to follow with the camping. But the general concept, the one of all the groups and commissions were that the movement follows, happens what happens with the camping.

During the word turns, different proposals were listened to. Among them, the one of a man who proposed the next Sunday to disassemble the campings of all the cities of joint way. Another proposal was to create a political platform that channel movement, an initiative which followed one tooted of the assistants. Among others citizen bets were the one to condition the permanence of the encamped one to a constitutional reform that guarantees one real democracy. While the interventions of the assistants took, the encamped ones have connected by telephone in direct with Paris, where also they remain concentrates ' indignados' in Sun support.

The resistance is being pacific, in spite of the attempts of the Police to evacuate them, using even tear gases, say. Once finalized the assembly, some of the presents have decided to go until the French embassy to denounce the police loads with a minute of silence. During the assembly, the there present ones had time to reflect on the agreed proposal by the commissions: " We do not go away, the movement continues, we reconstructed campamento".

Corporal Expression

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The organization emphasizes that the finery will become two days due to the good acceptance of this edition appointment previous. In the same space will be developed to the spectacle Desire days 25 and 26, the last aim of week of Circada. The assembly of Malagan Jose Martin and Susana Dito, of Circoz, narrates a nostalgic encounter between two old artists, and mixes equilibrismo with juggling and acrobatics. The entrances for all these events can be bought in the ticket offices, by Internet or by means of telephone reserve. The price of each work varies between the 12 Euros of Plecs and the 9 of the finery or Desire, but the children pay less and is possibility of buying them to reduced price. Spectacles outdoors and courses the programming of the festival is completed with activities in the street, abiertas to all the public. This year will have around 40 functions, in which to fifteen companies and artists will participate.

The scenes will be, among others, the old tobacco factory, the New Place or the Tree-lined avenue of Hercules. Next to these activities, the Circada offers five courses with different contents, all of them related to circus disciplines. Three of them will touch to the artistic parcel and the rest the technique. The artist Adrin Schvarsztein will distribute the one of Creation and Direction, the Teatrera Industry will repeat the course of Clown of the past edition, and mimo Javier Garci’a will offer the factory of Corporal Expression and Tools for the Acrobatics Base. All of them will be gratuitous and have 30 hours school. The technical factories will be of Fotografa and Circo, distributed by Luis Castile, and monographic on the Security in Height of the expert in vertical dance David Gutirrez.