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School Activities

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The pertaining to school activities and the action of the professors look for to homogeneizar the pupils, canalizing the individual differences for standardized forms of evaluation. As what he values yourself are the linguistic and lgicomatemticas abilities, the pupil that have aptitudes for these areas is friction of ' ' better. For Gardner, this preconception if originates from a unidimensional vision of intelligence. Moreover, for the author, the superendowed idea of is different of the one that usually we adopt. For it, an individual is superendowed in a specific area. In this line, Picasso, Einstein and Pel equally are superendowed Testismo: directly it is associated with the evaluation processes (tests) and involves the assumption of that everything what it has value can be evaluated by means of tests ' ' objetivos' '. The tests in the school or are of it are almost always associates to ' ' measure of inteligncia' ' , characterizing intelligence as a largeness that can be measured.

Gardner identified seven ' ' inteligncias' ' in each person or, said of another form, intelligence is composed for a specter of seven abilities, all with the same dimension and importance: linguistics, interpersonal, intrapessoal, musical, space and corporal logical-mathematics. The more or less refined development of these abilities depends on an educational organization that helps the child to reach its maximum potential in each one of them. For this, a variety is necessary of disciplines and activities, all of equal importance. In a plural society, the school has the basic paper to take care of to the individual and specific necessities of the pupils, articulating the pedagogical proposals to the demands of academic formation.