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VIVA Prepaid SIMcard Price

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VIVA prepaid lowers the price for the SIMcard. The discounter VIVA prepaid lowers the price for the SIMcard from 14.99 euros to now exactly 10.00, the already contained sign-up bonus remains the same and is still always 10,00 euro. So new customers will receive refund, the purchase price for the SIM card completely in the form of airtime what makes the card free mathematically. VIVA prepaid has the mobile tariff on a clear target group aligned to the offer to friends of the text messages, but also to groups who decide together for a prepaid discount is aimed. For an SMS to another VIVA users are only 4 cents charged, to all other phones 8 cents. Thus most undercutting other prepaid cards VIVA significantly. Internal calls fall also community only with 4 cents per minute to book, so that the calls to all other owners VIVA prepaid card is also very cheap possible one. Significantly above the average for calls to all other mobile phone networks and the fixed costs which VIVA prepaid charged 18 cents, this goes with other prepaid cards for less than half.

Multimedia are very inexpensive, however, messages, for an MMS fall at VIVA only 29 cents on and thus 10 cents less than at all other vendors. Discussions within the community are ultimately even cheaper to do so because VIVA prepaid for credit charges free minutes credits, which can be used for network-internal calls. For a charge of 15 euros, there are 30 for 30 Euro credit even 90 free minutes. Because the internal network minute normal costs 4 cents, a cost advantage by at least 3.60 euros per 30 euros charged credit arises from 90 free minutes.