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Minimum Effort

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To recover the love and the confidence of your ex–even can be a very discouraging work. So when listening minimum effort to recover to your ex- ones, creerias or no? Good, I believe that it is completely certainly you have a good opportunity if you use well your letters. We are realistic, your ex- ones saw something positive in you to initiate a relation, for such reason if you can revive the spark of the love your possibilities of recovering to your ex- ones will be much greater. What you must understand once takes place a separation, is that both parts can get to be cautious. You begin to see things that you lost yourself before.

The famous phrase the love can be blind is certain. Then, for asegurarte of which you have the best possibilities of recovering to your ex- with this minimum effort, you must make well your task. If it wishes to recover to your ex- ones, a) with your methods is necessary to be careful (or this minimum effort can become a nightmare. When tenth a minimum effort, please, we are not speaking of a minimum of time. After one relation falls to pieces, exists a period of rest and in this rest you must be sincere with same you. It remembers, requires more effort after to have committed still more serious errors. To avoid the errors reduces the level of required effort. Once there are shortage the direction that you are going to take, it tries to avoid to do acts nonwished.

It has a little while to send flowers and boxes of chocolates. Also it has a little while to do telephone calls to the others and a time of not doing it. You do not send an excessive amount of gifts and to conduct battle to draw attention.

Russian City Astrakhan

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As I have worked tomato picker in a region of the Astrakhan City (the Sasikoli people, Kharabali City) for two months (July and August) I want to describe this place in great detail. This place was very near the Sasikoli village and the city Kharabali. Turn Kharabali lies at a distance of 150 km (approximately) of the Astrakhan city. So far I remember that summer of 1992. Then I was 21 year old and was energy Muscovite University student. This veraneal work during my vacation was the way to earn some money.

I I located in a barrack as well as and other my collaborators. We woke up at 6 in the morning, drank breakfast and we went to the field work. First two weeks the boys desplantaban the field and the girls did the same the first week. Left us gather ripe tomatoes into cubes and echabamos in special crates and kept in the field. A few hours then loaded them on trucks and wore.

On Sunday we rested. Sundays each We passed his way. Some stayed in the territory of the camp to fish in the River with stagnant water that was within walking distance of our barrack, others went to the beach located on the Akhtuba River. A little about the Akhtuba River. That river is one of which is located within the delta of the Volga River and lies very close to him. One day I and two males were the Akhtuba River to fish. Our team contained the fishing rods, worms and crickets and water potada in bottles. To fish enough quantity of fish we did a hoguerra of branches and dry sticks that we had picked up along the coast. To prepare the soup we use the cube that we put into fire (on top of the bonfire). That day was hot (the thermometer pointed out more than 30) and then aprovechabamos that occasion swimming in the River Akhtuba.

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