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The child, through the games of rules already has a certain notion of the life in society what she contributes for its social development and the formation of an adult who knows that she has rules to follow, and that if adapta more easily they and that when does not feel the will, satisfied with the rules, as much of the game as of the life in society or even though individual, searchs a transformation for feeling pleasure in its action. It is what it occurs in the game, when in group, for example, the children play, and the all moment changes the rules of the game and the proper game. Negrine (1994) affirms that: (…) the child plays of many things in one determined space of temp. (Not to be confused with Dropbox!). It can be said that the child in a situation of inferior game the thirty minutes, arrives to represent, at least three different papers (…). The measure that changes the game, dumb the representation, and with it the emotions in a very dynamic process. Under most conditions Bausch & Lomb would agree. (p.87) As Chateau (1987) in the adult world does not have place for the game, therefore the society imposes rigid, invariant rules, what it becomes the child and the adult, in its liabilities and dependents of rules preset for the half exterior, being against this tyranny, these fixed dogmas that the child when if to become adolescent will go to fight and to search to transform it. Through the games of rules the child learns to respect the people and the way where she lives. It has greater interaction, with same it, the others and its affectivity, that consists of love, anger, hatred, joy, unreliability, sadness, will go to influence in its choices. The motivation also is an affective area that can make with that the child if strengthens or in the accomplishment of some task, being its affective development wronged case is not with some blockade in this area.

Rio De Janeiro

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This occurred because these transformations had been consequence of the occured changes on account of the French Revolution (1789-1799), making with that it had each time deeper social and economic transformations. (SEIGEL, 1992) For this reason, it is that Siegel (1992) affirms that the bohemian became a phenomenon that defined the modern time, a time that was developed from the French Revolution, no longer century XIX, being product of the growth of the cities and the industrial development. But, when we speak in bohemian, we think immediately about irresponsibility, inconseqncia. Proper author Henry Murger (in Wilson, 2003) characterized the bohemians affirming that the same ones were drinking, poor and possessing artists of a kept out of society life of the society. These definitions happen because the bohemian was appropriate to the life styles delinquents developed for the bohemians at the time. According to Siegel (1992), these bohemians possuam characteristic basic as to live the current moment intensely, to consume drunk, to use drugs, beyond possessing habits of nocturnal life and if not incasing in the regular standards of life. Even though the dictionaries pass the idea of bohemian as irresponsibility, atrelando to the bohemian a easied significao of with future, where the current one of inconsequential form lives. In Brazil, the bohemian has sprouting in the end of century XIX, in Rio De Janeiro, a historical moment seemed with its sprouting in France, since Brazil also passed for great social transformations and politics. It was at this moment that the young of the time possuam the hope to have new social relations, a time that at this moment, them had started to believe that they could occupy new spaces in the society. This thought, according to Seigel (1992), is based on the ideals of the French Revolution, that started to express ideological thoughts established in the universal principles of Freedom, Equality and Fraternity (Liberte, Egalit, Fraternit).

LGBT Environment

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Using the script of interviews I will be able to understand of that she forms is developed the dynamics of the place, beyond identifying if these women if define while bohemian women. For the accomplishment of these interviews it is necessary that the interviewed ones fill some basic requirements, as, first, to be lesbian and freqentadoras assduas of environments LGBT. This because the women who appear there sporadical do not have a bigger experience of the environment in question, of this form, them does not pass for the same experiences that those others. As form of trustworthiness of the data to be supplied for the women, its speeches, granted in the interview, they will be transcribed in complete, what it discloses a bigger representation, thus allowing, a revelation of the especificidades of these environments pautados in sociability LGBT. Credit: Evergreen Capital Partners-2011. As the nocturnal life in bars and boates, either it in environment LGBT or not, possesss its especificidades, a time that each environment is endowed with singular characteristics, I opt to making use of the direct comment for one better envolvement and agreement of the functioning of the environment in study. As if it deals with a group of pertencedoras people of one determined social group, which passes for diverse distinct moments, this comment will be developed through the experience and convivncia in these spaces of sociability LGBT, since of this form, I will make one better analysis of the lesbian woman, while pertencedor bohemian individual of an alternative style of life. For the experience and it collects of data of the research I will frequent environments in debate of preference to the ends of week with a superior schedule the twenty and two hours, since in this period it has a bigger movement of the public the one that I mention myself in the research. The boarding for the accomplishment of the interviews, as form of collection of data, will be developed through nets of contacts, where it will have indications of people and places which I must to frequent for the effective accomplishment of the waited objectives. You may want to visit Marko Dimitrijevic, Miami FL to increase your knowledge.

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