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Employees And Departments

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If the rate increase is not uniform for all employees of departments, it can be corrected. To do this, select employees for which you want to change the rate increase. The action “Change rate on employees’ cause editing form Choice of increase, which in the appropriate field to enter a new numeric value of the coefficient. Formation transcripts of the average wage employee Explanation average salary of employees in the work of Biznes.Personal automatically generated. View, edit and manual input decoding of the average wage employee is on the edit form average salary. At the bottom of the edit form on the operating panel is formed by decoding the average salary list of monthly breakdowns of the average wage, taking into account Category timing for this type of average wages.

In deciphering the specified time worked, the amount of accrued amounts on account of the Register of the average wage, taking into account the amount of rate increase in average wages, amounts are calculated with average salaries, limit the amount of operating in the period. Explanation of the average salary of the employee is formed with all the standard settings, the average salary upon which formed transcript. In some cases, the system may not have initial data for length of service staff or any other data in order to qualify transcript of the average salary the employee special way. User with appropriate access rights given an opportunity to create a transcript of the average wage or average salary to calculate the amount in accordance with the current situation. 1. In cases required by law, you can choose the following modes of calculating the average salary: – Calculate the decoding – the mode of calculation of the average salary of an existing interpretation of monthly accrued amounts. At the same time sum of the average salary will be calculated using the formula: (total charges): (Total time) Total time is measured in accordance with the selected category of timing in the model the average salary. – Get on the tariff rate (salary) – the level at which the sum of the average wage is calculated by the officer assigned to the employee pay rate or salary.

The formula for calculating, depending on the category of choice at the same time corresponds to the data of Table 1. – Calculate the minimum wage – the level at which the sum of the average wage is the minimum wage employee, acting in that period. 2. In calculating the average salary for decoding the user can change the interpretation. In those cases where you need to limit the decoding of the minimum wage, there is an action “Limit the minimum decoding salary “, which is located in the call center the edit form. This action is only available when there are transcripts of the average wage. If at the date of the period the average salary for a minimum wage, if you use this action amounts to deciphering the monthly average wage will be limited to the value of the minimum wage.

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