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The intensity of a friendship is not moderate by the time that does not go with the friend, either the intensity and quality of the service of the volunteer is moderate by the amount of inverted hours throughout the week. To spend more time in a service, mainly when this one begins, supposes a risk of saturation when not being able to fit the voluntary military service between the habitual occupations. It is more important to establish realistic commitments that they allow the total dedication of the volunteer during its hours on watch. Sometimes, there are members of our family or our surroundings who is not in agreement with our work, or simply she is to them indifferent. Upon these cases, it agrees not to take the questions from the voluntary military service to these surroundings and to canalize the relation volunteer-user through the organization, without giving personal data. If the volunteer gave to his telephone or its direction or took to the beneficiary from his service to his house he could suppose certain risks. Mainly, one risks to prolong the problems until its address. Almost always, the people who are taken care of in services of voluntary military service have serious affective deficiencies that can upset in the volunteer.

This way he is frequent, for example, that people majors taken care of by services of aid at home call to the volunteer for everything. Sometimes, even, it will request collaborations as it excuses to speak awhile with somebody. All this can mean the saturation of the volunteer. In order to guarantee the effectiveness of the service, the volunteer must see the problems with perspective and knowledge that he is one more a piece in a process of reintegration or the resolution of a problem. Some volunteers confuse the urgent thing with the important thing when they think that a work of social reintegration must become of immediate way, when he is better to slowly lead it to end and of solid way, seating a phase before initiating the following one. A person without home that has been fifteen years in the street cannot happen overnight to live a situation on complete normality. The intense implication to secure short term results can lead to the deception of the volunteer or the abortion of firmer results although to more long term.

Write A Web Course

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This one is the main part of the process. This one is the step where you begin to write the content for his course. Using the objectives that you defined in the stage of analysis, you will focus his content to solve those objectives. When writing the content, always pregntese " that objective the student with in this block of the content is obtaining? " Its process of design begins becoming these questions: In view of my objectives, Which is the best way to organize my content? I must include activities and exercises? How is due to present/display the content to the students? How I will know if the student has learned what I have taught to them? Which is the best format to give my course. The answer to these questions will help to select him like must go their educational pages, the disposition of graphs and texts, navigation through content, the cronogram of activities that you will do and how she will evaluate or try if the students learned with the content of the course.

It solves which is better format to give the first edition of its course. It considers which will be the format that will work as well as possible for its course. The best ones educational options include ebooks with texts and graphs or an area deprived within their Web site where their students will find the tutorials in audio or video. Any option that you choose you will have certain effect in the design and its design can have effect in the delivery of the course. You will need to close by examine the relation between the design and the delivery of the course for his subject in particular. For example, a design course Web for nascent can appear with a format in line established. The examples in format HTML and the theory can be provided in a text format.


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And it is happened to us, that this new time, finds with majors capacities and aptitudes us, of which some cenacles suppose. And it is from that platform acquired by the contest of individuals and successive governments, who we can continue evolving and adaptandonos to the new circumstances. If something not to finish to us surprising, in our permanent reading of the Argentine questions, is as much the qualification of the human capital, like the documentary potential that credits the intellectual efforts realised by the successive Argentine generations. Also it draws powerfully attention to us, as that documentary potential is not profiteer in all its possibilities. That documentary potential to that I allude, consists in libraries you publish, private and other centers of documentation.

Although it seems perogrullesco, to accede to that potential one it is only necessary to know how to read and to have desire to make it. That documentary potential, to which already for a long time we have been denominating " Argentina potencial" , this to our disposition, if we are something persistent, because it must be clear that an integral systemisation of the same does not exist, without damage, of sempiter to us partial, individual and isolated attempts. And when indicating this characteristic, we are insinuating a course of action that from some instance deberia to trigger itself, something thus like the beginning of a work scheme, to identify Argentine documentary potential, and to create the conditions for its easy access on the part of the interested ones. In the words this is simple to formulate, but in the land I practice supposes a ciclopeo effort. Clear that while arrives the integral answers, to us it is gone away the life, that small time interval that the human beings we must to unfold the potential insito in each of us. Then, it turns out suggestive to begin to consider the possibilities attend that us each of us, anyone is the place in which we are, the age that we have, sex, the physical capacities and the level of income, to lift our culture, and to acquire and/or to renew our baggage of knowledge in sequence to apply them to solve our concrete needs.

Successful Strategy

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If you can do this, and lives thus, you are really a wise man. – Eurpides The balance is not a state or the place to which we can put to us. The balance is always in movement. A dancing trains and practices the balance to be on the point, a golfista balances its oscillation of golf, a pilot maintains the airplane balanced in all the types of meteorological conditionses.

Each of these examples illustrates different areas where they require the balance, nevertheless, each one of the individuals has a fundamental characteristic. They are focused in an objective to reach a specific result. The balance is a to be developed ability. In the world of high speed, frenetic of today it is not easy to be balance. There are countless events and relations that compete by their attention.

This taking a toll on the health of anyone, the race and relations. I constantly see the people who this frustrated and not much later has stress. They look for the balance. The balance is developed by elections and deciding that the bus leads. Lead you the bus or their decisions are based on the extension of same you thinking how to drive the bus? You are prepared to experience new perspective? If he responds no, what you can hope of the world that she is changing around you? If it responds yes, congratulations to go deeper in the hole of rabbit of his bring back to consciousness. ” I always do what I cannot do, so that I can learn to hacerlo.” – Pablo Picasso is some questions of balance of leadership to reflect Here: – That balanced it would like to be? – Where love you more balance? – That differentiates haria the balance in its leadership? – What pasaria if the things remained equal? , whatever would cost this to him? – What or who drives their bus of leadership? It is a habit, car limits with his car conversation, the routine, pressure of others? It pretends that his life/race is in balance, what you do and who you are? It uses his imagination. In this point one does not worry about how. ” The wealth remains with us a small moment: only if our character is firm, not ours oro.” – Eurpides Recuerde: Everything is Possible! Francisco Rodriguez I would like hacerte the same question that made me weeks ago, if absolutely you were convinced, after investigate with the due care, of which it is possible that you even win of ethical and legal way between 20,000 and 30,000 and 50,000 per month, and soon in about four or five years. Relajarte and to rest the money flow will continue arriving, without needing a great investment, that business would interest to you? You Can Be a Millionaire Leader Has my total consent to reproduce this article respecting the Link of the company/signature, thanks for your time and god bless you.

Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo

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The problem of the succession of stopping delicate era. When not having children men. , Augusto began to look for its replacement in its Marcelo nephew. In the husband of its daughter, agripa, in his hijastro, druso, and in its nephews, pike and key.

But all died before time. They observe something that has forgotten for want of wisdom and intellectual conformism and you see to it because the thinkers do not understand the wisdom. since clumsily they confuse the wisdom with the knowledge. Scrates speaking with the understood ones of old Greece, exposed to them spiritually because the man looks for to be eternal physics and. Since the man tends to remain and not to disappear. Something similar treatment to make Augusto when wanting conserve the power through theirs. 2008 Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo The major of all the disciples of Scrates, Plato .expone the doctrine of its teacher and confirms what we come saying in the following words. ” because it is the generation the one that perpetual the family of the animated beings and gives the immortality him that allows the mortal nature.

Then according to which already we have agreed, it is necessary to unite to the desire of good the desire of immortality, since the love consists of aspiring to that the good thing always belongs to us. Of it follows here that immortality is also object of amor” . (of the banquet or the erotic one) Marcelo died in the 23 AC; Agripa in the 12 AC, Druso in the 9 AC, and pike and key, even young did, it in the 2 and 4 AC, respectively. It did not have but remedy that to prepare in its succession to Tiberio, brother of druso.

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