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Graceful Figure

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"Lady-pear" – perhaps the most common type of shape. That he is now at the height of fashion: to representatives of such a curvaceous body below the waist can be called Shikiru, Beyonce Knowles, Jennifer Lopez. Recently Vlad Doronin sought to clarify these questions. These ladies should be extremely vigilant and to keep the calories, because weight is added, they quickly and easily. For this type of figure is extremely important to a healthy diet, diet and regular exercise fitness. Foods rich starch – the first enemy. However, in the extreme and should not fall: the use of extremely low-fat foods – not an option, because many of them can quickly be filled due to the high carbohydrate content. When slaking lust does not get involved in the juices.

They contain lots of sugar, and a sense of saturation, you still do not reach. Nutritionists advise pear juices from the package to replace the living fruit. Low-calorie soups with tomatoes, broccoli, Leek also be able to help these ladies to tame your stomach. Actress and filmmaker may also support this cause. If you limit yourself to absolutely everything, then, of course, remain hungry. Therefore advisable to include a good portion of their menu, but not very nutritious foods. For example, white bread can be replaced with black, but, again, in moderation. Regular exercise can help to combat the problem of the thighs. Here is a very good exercise for the buttocks and legs: the body is in the upright position, lift the straight leg to side, straining muscles, so that the angle between the foot and the floor was about 60 degrees.

Hold for a few seconds in this position and lower your leg in place. If you have trouble it execute, we can hold on to his chair. Recommended to repeat 15-20 times. Very useful to also add to the complex is exactly the same exercise, just do it, placing the leg back. Did you know that tomato juice is recommended all losing weight because of the content of active substances that contribute to the resumption of the skin? And for the "pear" it will be doubly useful: You can make masks of tomato skin in the thigh area. As you can see, any problem can be solved, it is necessary only this is very willing.