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Innovative enrichment of the seminar landscape by breaking new ground in the seminar implementation on the example of the phone coach Udo Peilicke from Berlin with his special seminar in the field of telephone training on the topic of telephone collection. The phone coach Udo Peilicke from Berlin goes new ways, what its open seminar seminar: call for telephone debt collection receivables successfully even by phone / get concerned. He’s 20 years of experience in the area of telemarketing / telephone training active and deals specifically with the topic of telephone collection for 12 years. “Shows this topic is how up to date following opinion: EU policy / the European Parliament put it in 2011 to the topic of telephone collection as follows: the logic of the early call: early calls reduce the potential for conflict and more cause of success, very important: How does it, if you… call a debtor after the due date of the invoice?” In addition to his ongoing education and training in their own right in the most varied, his training and consultations be scientifically renowned, internationally active top trainers, training techniques absolutely practical – with the aim of holistic success – economic, human and social. And this unit – economic, human and social – has led, to establish new standards in the implementation of the seminar. So he has following additional services in his seminar, the current takes place on 10 12 in Berlin, integrated: every participant receives a Handytrim.

Handytrim = UmdrehungsMuskelStrecker = the smallest “gym” for the upper body in the world. With only 5 minutes in the Office on the desk, daily exercising. An additional TelefonFrontalCoaching per participant is with in the Berlin area ABC fare zone. TelefonFrontalCoaching = the staff call this life directly in the workplace. Mr Peilicke accompanies you during the conversation, the evaluation takes place immediately following. A good hour per employee at timely implementation after the seminar. The TN would stress-free in the seminar start and arrive one day earlier? Mr Peilicke gives every participant a night into its connected partner hotels. So, no matter where the TN arrive, one night in Berlin per participant is free. Mr Peilicke says: we seminar Organizer, must offer our customers today simply much more than just the transfer of knowledge. “Therefore we have topics such as health management UmdrehungsMuskelStrecker in our seminars, workplace-related coaching TelefonFrontalCoaching, as well as cost considerations am overnight incorporated.” We find a great idea and a very good addition to the seminar landscape.

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